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Babe Ruth's Daughter by Laxusisawsome
Babe Ruth's Daughterby Stroganoff_Strides
Oc x Sandlot Meet April Ruth...yea you heard me right. She is the daughter of Babe Ruth. He tought her everything he knew to her bwfore he died of cancer. One of her fa...
  • sandlot
  • ocxsandlot
  • baberuth
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Sandlot's Girl (COMPLETED) by Faith_2000_
Sandlot's Girl (COMPLETED)by ~ҒΔITH~
Benny X Reader I do not own Sandlot/ Sandlot cast. No Copywrite
  • bennyxreader
  • sandlotfanfiction
  • sandlot
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She's A Catch ||Sandlot Benny Love Story|| by Madison-15
She's A Catch ||Sandlot Benny Madison-15
"Hey did you hit that homer?!" The guy nodded and took off his cap. Beautiful wavy hair came down. Our mouths dropped. "Y...
  • girls
  • sandlot
  • summerlove
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Right Field //Benny Rodriguez X Reader// by stranger2_7things
Right Field //Benny Rodriguez X HTTYD THINGS
Idk why but I watched the sandlot and have been reading Benny x readers and here I am
  • sandlot
  • denunez
  • ham
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Jocelyn Mertle ※ benny rodriguez by -bitchingazebos
Jocelyn Mertle ※ benny rodriguezby gAzEbOs
highest rank : #20 in sandlot ❝Who are you and why is there another baseball in my backyard?❞ The boy takes off his baseball cap to reveal black hair and dark hazel eyes...
  • denunez
  • sandlotfanfic
  • youngadult
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Benny Rodriguez Imagines by Jsoftball26
Benny Rodriguez Imaginesby Jsoftball26
If you like cute stuff and Benny Rodriguez from the sandlot then I suggest you read this
  • bennyrodriguez
  • cute
  • sandlot
Collide - Luis Mendoza by MariekHolmes
Collide - Luis Mendozaby Màrie_Holmes
"one minute you're as happy as a puppy running in a field of flowers" - "the next you're as cold as Ice" - "what's the deal with that? huh?"
  • 90smovies
  • 90s
  • sandlot
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Dream of it by emmabemmmmma
Dream of itby em💫
Alyssa Burns moves to the valley with one thing on her mind, to start over. With being neighbors with Benny 'The Jet' Rodriguez and having a passion of baseball herself...
  • ham
  • baseball
  • thesandlot
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community service / benny rodriguez  by iobey5sos
community service / benny :)
"I hate you" "I hate you more" a book in which two enemies are forced to do community service together which could end up in them sparking interest f...
  • friends
  • thesandlot
  • scotty
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Girls Can Play Baseball: The Sandlot X Reader by sinbxtch
Girls Can Play Baseball: The gucci baby
(not really proud of this at all; wrote it 2 years ago) Y/N? Who's she? She's a neighborhood hero along with Benny. Together their a legend. What happens if these long...
  • softball
  • thesandlot
  • xreader
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complicated || sandlot [COMPLETED] by adorableobrien
complicated || sandlot [COMPLETED]by Thangsss
in which a girl and a boy have a complicated relationship [RODRIGUEZ X OC] [ADORABLEOBRIEN 2014] started: late 2014 published: late 2014 ended: mid to late 2015 [UNDER E...
  • sandlot
  • mikevitar
  • bennythejetrodriguez
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summer of '62 ← b.r. by 80slostgirl
summer of '62 ← lime💡
❝You're killing me, Smalls.❞ I wasn't kidding. It killed me not to kiss her.
  • squints
  • baseball
  • thevalley
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All That Matters ❁ Benny Rodriguez by notmakayla
All That Matters ❁ Benny Rodriguezby 𝐩𝐨𝐢𝐬𝐨𝐧 𝐦𝐞
❝You like my sister?❞ ❝Nah, man. I don't have time for girls, you know? Baseball is my life, that's really all that matters to me at the moment.❞     ▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂ (Based i...
  • bertram
  • rodriguez
  • tommy
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The Love Of 62'//Benny Rodriquez by MightyBanksie
The Love Of 62'//Benny Rodriquezby MightyBanksie
The summer of 62' The summer of bubblegum The summer of baseball The summer of campouts The summer of teammates The summer of new kid The summer of secret spot The summ...
  • yeahyeah
  • timmy
  • sandlot
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When Dust Flies [a Sandlot Fanfiction] by 80smaybe
When Dust Flies [a Sandlot killer queen
Katie Franklin has been a part of the ragtag group of kids who played at the sandlot for as long as she could remember. But when a new kid moves to the Vally, everything...
  • 90s
  • fanfic
  • thesandlot
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Benny Rodriguez Love Story  by 2fab2giveadamnn
Benny Rodriguez Love Story by 2fab2giveadamnn
"she's all I'll ever want, and she's all I'll ever need"
  • bennyrodriguez
  • teenfiction
  • baseball
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His Sister | Benny Rodriguez | √ by -acliye
His Sister | Benny Rodriguez | √by 𝘼𝙍𝙊𝙃𝘼 💫
After Yeah Yeah makes fun of Smalls, his sister Makenna McLennan shows up and sticks up for him. She decides to play with them at the Sandlot and Benny very slowly devel...
  • squints
  • yeah-yeah
  • sandlot
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The New Girl at the Sandlot by twenty4sevenstories
The New Girl at the Sandlotby twenty4sevenstories
Megan moves far away from home with her mom and her baseball glove. She is ready for any challenge thrown at her except a cute boy with the same love for baseball. Will...
  • baseball
  • romance-friendship
  • nicole
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Sandlot Imagines/Preferences/OneShots by XxShadowVailxX
Sandlot Imagines/Preferences/ ☔XxShadowsVeilxX☔
Benny Bertram Kenny Timmy Tommy Ham Smalls Squints Yeah-Yeah & Philips The boys are back on their dusty lot waiting for you!
  • smalls
  • sandlot
  • bennyrodriguez
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The Girl | Benny Rodriguez| by thesandlotqueen
The Girl | Benny Rodriguez|by The Sandlot Queen
When Ashley Rivers moves in. The girl who only cares for baseball meets the guy who only cares about baseball will they ever grow feelings?
  • bertram
  • benny
  • ashley
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