Opposites Attract (Calum Hood A.U.)

Opposites Attract (Calum Hood A.U.)

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Schyler By schylerhood Completed

Calum is the perfect human being. Top student, soccer captain, and with a face made from heaven. 

All girls in Willow High are swooning over him, including June. 

They are complete opposites.

Worse comes to worst, what will happen if the two of them lives together under one roof?

Started • 06.2016
Completed • 10.2016

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mrp824 mrp824 Dec 14, 2017
Yaaaaaas i love that drama...
                              and the taiwanese one  and the japanese one!
kiwikillr kiwikillr Jun 08, 2017
first paragraph and already one mean girls reference
                              i already love this book
polisevo_lol polisevo_lol Jan 11, 2017
Tell me where you from bc i'm from asia too...and maybe we can befriend?
Olivia_Rose_C Olivia_Rose_C Jul 21, 2018
Straight A student
                              She’s really into all that self improvement 
                              (I swear she lives in that library)
                              But if you ask her she’ll say
                              (That’s where you’ll find me)
                              😂 I love that song