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The Forgotten Princess (Forgotten Royals) by WinterSleep85
The Forgotten Princess (Forgotten...by Stephanie Winter
Anne de Mortimer lost everything. Her parents, her brothers, and her future. Others have toyed with her family for their own power and it has left with her nothing. Anne...
Your Eternal Promise  by LiannQ
Your Eternal Promise by LiannQ
Title: 应许之地 Author:莲鹤夫人 Status: 57 Chapters (Ongoing) Description: I want to hold your hand and go together to the land I promised. ____ JUST IN CASE, THIS STORY IS: ✓ P...
My Dear Girl by GothQueen101
My Dear Girlby
Frollo finds a brand newborn baby girl left outside the Notre Dame cathedral, who he names Isabelle, the very next night after killing Quasimodo's mother and being force...
The Hunchback's Twin Sister by GothQueen101
The Hunchback's Twin Sisterby
What if Frollo was forced to raise not one, but two babies? What if Quasimodo had a twin sister? Separated the night their mother was killed, he raised her in the Pala...
HÎVRON SULTAN - Magnificent Century by PMjosie_
HÎVRON SULTAN - Magnificent Centuryby #JOSIE !
"She was powerful not because she wasn't scared, but because she went on so strongly, despite the fear." Francisca adored her life in Greece, she lived a lavis...
THREE TOO MUCH - Magnificent Century by PMjosie_
THREE TOO MUCH - Magnificent Centu...by #JOSIE !
Eslime is a Sultana by birth, niece to Selim I aka Selim the Grim, and daughter to a Sultana whom everyone thought was useless and barren! Eslime finds herself stuck bet...
The May Queen (Forgotten Royals) by WinterSleep85
The May Queen (Forgotten Royals)by Stephanie Winter
Joan Beaufort will never be anything other than a May Queen. Her family is royal, but not. Because of its scandalous origins, the Beaufort family is barred from the crow...
THE FAIREST SULTAN - Magnificent Century by PMjosie_
THE FAIREST SULTAN - Magnificent C...by #JOSIE !
Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all? Saliha Sultana of course... When Mihrimah Sultan trains a concubine herself and sends her to Selim in plan to...
May she long reign! by anag2312
May she long reign!by A_n02
This story is about queen Mary and king Francis's story around season three and upwards in the series. As this is fan fiction there will be things that aren't 100% simil...
T U D O R P O E T R Y { NamJin } Oneshot  by Guu_JooniLili
T U D O R P O E T R Y { NamJin } O...by 준
NamJoon X SeokJin "က်ဴဒါႏွင္​းဆီ​ေတြကို သက​္​​ေသတည္​ၿပီး မင္​းအ​ေပၚ ​ေမတၱာ႐ွိ​ေၾကာင္​း ဝန္​ခံပါရ​ေစ" from nj ♡ ဤ one shot တြင္​ပါဝင္​​ေသာ ​ေနာက္​ခံမ်ားမွတစ...
The Other Elizabeth *OLD VERSION* by starz00
The Other Elizabeth *OLD VERSION*by Sophie Seymour
This is the old version of this story, last updated in 2017, which I have decided to keep on Wattpad for the time being. Please see my profile for the 2020 version- whic...
16th Century Style Court story - Untitled by MISThomas
16th Century Style Court story - U...by MISThomas
This story is based around the 16th Century style of court and politics. It is based in a fictional world. ***Need suggestions for a front cover*** Leticia had never got...
The Queen Who Loved  by LovingFleuria
The Queen Who Loved by 🤍
1502, The Second Born Child of King Francis The First And Queen-Consort Alexandra Monet. Princess Alonia Of France Blooms and Was Now Exposed To The World. Arriving at T...
jeanne dies at the end by Marenke
jeanne dies at the endby Marenke
Marie didn't mind herself burning, but Jeanne? No, Jeanne didn't deserve such cruel fate. (the irony isn't noticed until the very last second)
Rightful Ties by D3centBant3r4586
Rightful Tiesby D3centBant3r4586
Isabel Neville had always wanted to accomplish her and her fathers ambition of being queen of England one day.With her father the earl of Warwick or the 'Kingmaker' as t...
The Owl's Vigil by LaurenNitschke
The Owl's Vigilby Lauren Nitschke
In the long-awaited sequel to the "The Ravens' Augury", the year is 1417 and alderman Wat Baudin is once again called upon to put his mettle to the test to sol...
Outlander: The King by CatrineValois
Outlander: The Kingby Catrine Valois
Three sisters, the last heirs to the Throne of France, find themselves transported to London in the Middle Ages. They meet Hal, then Prince of Wales, beginning a journey...
The diary of a 15th century witch by shadowwanderer
The diary of a 15th century witchby shadowwanderer
The diary of a 15th century witch is about Sarah Blueburn- a 9 year old girl who has been convicted of being a witch. She spends her last few days sharing a cell with An...