Sultanate Stories

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Ayamur Sultana by SultanaAsli
Ayamur Sultanaby Christina Sophie
Ayamur, Ayamur he called me, but I was so much more. I was his moon, his light, but I know one thing, my Mehmed will be sultan of the Ottomans, and you can't change my m...
Raziye Sultana  by SultanaAsli
Raziye Sultana by Christina Sophie
Raziye, Violetta they called her, but she was so much more, loved by the sultan, she had so much, but so little, she thought becoming a Sultana was easy, that it would b...
Philippine History  by goddessRhoda
Philippine History by Rowda
This History of the Philippines book have history from Prehistory to Fifth Republic. This book have lot of information about Spanish settlement and rule, American rule...
The Sultana Chronicles 2: The Princes by SultanaAsli
The Sultana Chronicles 2: The Christina Sophie
Two brothers, a rivalry that only death could break. Brothers Mustafa and Mehmed are completely different characters, their mothers scheme to ensure they will be sultan...
Sultana Hessa by SultanaAsli
Sultana Hessaby Christina Sophie
Thinking her self in love with the sultans best friend Ibrahim, sultana Hessa must fight her sister to ultimately get what she wants, if only her heart isn't ripped to s...
HIS PROTECTOR - Magnificent Century K by PMjosie_
HIS PROTECTOR - Magnificent #JOSIE !
Before Ibrahim became the mad Sultan that he was known for, he was a little Sehzade with fears and no hope for his fate. Living in a palace where blood is covering the w...
Sultana Yasmin (The Sultana Chronicles 4) by SultanaAsli
Sultana Yasmin (The Sultana Christina Sophie
Sultana Yasmin dreams of finding love, but what if the one you believed you wanted was out to destroy you and your best friend, what would you do? Fight, that's exactly...
DILARA SULTAN | Magnificent century  by Moonshine_crystal
DILARA SULTAN | Magnificent 🔮 Crystal 🔮
Dilara Sultana was the Princess of France, Annabella.who was the daughter of Charles, count of Angouleme and the Louise. she was the sister of Francis 1 of France. She...
The Last Sword.( On Hold) by Yahya420
The Last Sword.( On Hold)by M.Y. Siddiqui
"History is a part of our past Victory." So don't let it be just going inside bin. This story relates the events which were happening after period of 1750 in I...
Chrysalis by -ScatteredPearlz-
Chrysalisby amu
On hold currently. (Updates: Every Sunday BST) A series of murders sweeping through the country. There's no link between them, the police have given up finding the root...
MC  Poems by sehzadehBeyazit
MC Poemsby Paul Granjak
Poems on all important people that made Magnificant century
Final Goodbye  by SakuraiS
Final Goodbye by Soara
My Final Goodbye To Out Country President
Ruhani ~ The Language Of Love by magicallovely
Ruhani ~ The Language Of Loveby L A V L E E N
Sitting on the bed, I was waiting for my husband to arrive. It was our wedding Night. I rolled my toes as the visuals of him slowly touching my cheeks, making love to me...
Meera ~ anvaar-e-illahii by Rosesandbutterfliess
Meera ~ anvaar-e-illahiiby Rio
Back in the 15th century when the times were tough and the kings were ruthless blossomed a beautiful love story. Baadshah Ashar and Rajkumari Meera. Two completey differ...
Ayla Sultana by SultanaAsli
Ayla Sultanaby Christina Sophie
I am Ayla, a name his grace sultan Ahmed Khan gifted to me, I am his precious, but I know one thing, I will not let my rival Kosem Sultana get in the way of what I want...
Ayamur, the great Haseki by SultanaAsli
Ayamur, the great Hasekiby Christina Sophie
Arabella, the girl I once was is no more. Ayamur, the sultana, the haseki replaces her. It is my time, my time to rule, and to defeat the one bent on revenge for what ha...
 𝐹𝓁𝒶𝓂𝑒 ( COMPLETED ) by Turhancore
𝐹𝓁𝒶𝓂𝑒 ( COMPLETED )by turhan
Behind every sultan , a woman that directs him - rüya sultan
DARBAAR دربار by Shiba_Sakeen
DARBAAR دربارby Shiba_Sakeen
A Legion of Legends from your favorite SULTANATE. The Gashkori and Dehwaar Heirs would never be the same without these loyal men standing behind them like strong pillars...
ASLIHAN SULTAN ✔️ by mihrisahsultana
ASLIHAN SULTAN ✔️by mihrisahsultana
"Don't you even try to mess with me. You can be successful in this palace, only if I am by your side. I am the fire, and you can't mess with me. I will burn you.&qu...