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Dhruv-Tara: Ek Agnidivya (Slow Updates) by NamhaAmi
Dhruv-Tara: Ek Agnidivya (Slow Mansi Sampat
Arunika Bai Ji Yuvragni of Purukutsa Dynasty and wife of Yuvraj is waiting for her husband Yuvraj Veerbhanu to arrive from a long battle campaign unknown to the fact t...
Meltem Sultana by meltemsultana
Meltem Sultanaby Catherine Whitmore
Anna,a girl of a fisherman is a simple girl who loves her life. but when the ottomans reign over her country,she is taken as a slave and brought to the harem of Constant...
ASLIHAN SULTAN ✔️ by mihrisahsultana
ASLIHAN SULTAN ✔️by mihrisahsultana
"Don't you even try to mess with me. You can be successful in this palace, only if I am by your side. I am the fire, and you can't mess with me. I will burn you.&qu...
 𝐹𝓁𝒶𝓂𝑒 ( COMPLETED ) by Turhancore
𝐹𝓁𝒶𝓂𝑒 ( COMPLETED )by turhan
Behind every sultan , a woman that directs him - rüya sultan
Hande Sultana by SultanaAsli
Hande Sultanaby Christina Sophie
Become a sultana, rise high my pearl, I'll never forget the words my father told me, and I'll do anything to fulfil his wish, even if it costs me everything.
Ayamur Sultana by SultanaAsli
Ayamur Sultanaby Christina Sophie
Ayamur, Ayamur he called me, but I was so much more. I was his moon, his light, but I know one thing, my Mehmed will be sultan of the Ottomans, and you can't change my m...
The Divine Beauty-Apsara {Zayn Malik} AU (Under Editing) #MissionDesi by huesofzaypika
The Divine Beauty-Apsara {Zayn huesofzaypika
The year is 1741. The Mughal dynasty is at its zenith of power . King Zayn has it all, the looks, riches and above all... he is the King of Lahore. He was a man who got...
Turhan Sultana by SultanaAsli
Turhan Sultanaby Christina Sophie
Turhan, they call me, I am a sultana, but I am so much more, I am out for the title of Valide sultana, I don't care if I hurt that arrogant sultana Kosem for it, or anyo...
ZEYNEP SULTAN - Magnificent Century K by PMjosie_
ZEYNEP SULTAN - Magnificent #JOSIE !
Benetta was born in Russia and lived a happy life up until her family sold her to pay off her father's gambling debt. never did she expect to end up in the Ottoman Palac...
Esmahan Sultana by SultanaAsli
Esmahan Sultanaby Christina Sophie
I am Esmahan, Esmahan sultana, wife of sultan Selim, I have foes, but Hafsa sultana will do anything to destroy me, not if I get to her first, I will be her end, because...
Murad, my Sultan by SultanaAsli
Murad, my Sultanby Christina Sophie
Sultan Murad has but one wish, to be free from his mother's influence and her control over his sultanate, Asli, a concubine soon steals his heart, but she doesn't know w...
Ruhani ~ The Language Of Love by magicallovely
Ruhani ~ The Language Of Loveby L A V L E E N
Sitting on the bed, I was waiting for my husband to arrive. It was our wedding Night. I rolled my toes as the visuals of him slowly touching my cheeks, making love to me...
Akile Sultana (The Sultana Chronicles 5) by SultanaAsli
Akile Sultana (The Sultana Christina Sophie
She could remember the day she came to the palace, but little did she know the great fate that was waiting for her, the glory, and the pain.
Ayla Sultana by SultanaAsli
Ayla Sultanaby Christina Sophie
I am Ayla, a name his grace sultan Ahmed Khan gifted to me, I am his precious, but I know one thing, I will not let my rival Kosem Sultana get in the way of what I want...
HIS PROTECTOR - Magnificent Century K by PMjosie_
HIS PROTECTOR - Magnificent #JOSIE !
Before Ibrahim became the mad Sultan that he was known for, he was a little Sehzade with fears and no hope for his fate. Living in a palace where blood is covering the w...
Raziye Sultana  by SultanaAsli
Raziye Sultana by Christina Sophie
Raziye, Violetta they called her, but she was so much more, loved by the sultan, she had so much, but so little, she thought becoming a Sultana was easy, that it would b...
Philippine History  by goddessRhoda
Philippine History by Rowda
This History of the Philippines book have history from Prehistory to Fifth Republic. This book have lot of information about Spanish settlement and rule, American rule...
Hurichan Sultana (The Sultana Chronicles 3) by SultanaAsli
Hurichan Sultana (The Sultana Christina Sophie
I Hurichan Sultana, only daughter of sultan Murad Khan, will not let my father plan my future for me, I will not let him, and I do not care for the consequences, for I w...
Ayamur, the great Haseki by SultanaAsli
Ayamur, the great Hasekiby Christina Sophie
Arabella, the girl I once was is no more. Ayamur, the sultana, the haseki replaces her. It is my time, my time to rule, and to defeat the one bent on revenge for what ha...
FALLEN HEART'S | Magnificent century  by Moonshine_crystal
FALLEN HEART'S | Magnificent 🔮 Crystal 🔮
She is the Princess of Hungary who was soon taking the title everything ruined when she was defeated by the Hunkarim of Ottoman empire. she had no choice but to come to...