Chapter 5: The kiss of death: Ray vs Venam!

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Jenner's lab
Ray fell to the ground as the person in front of him vanished instantly.

"Nooooo!" He cried out as he held his side and stood up dispite the pain.
"Damnit" the red haired woman in the red team Xen uniform hissed.

She then touched her left ear activating an earpiece to contact the team Xen grunts "Listen up you grunts! This is Madelis, search every nook and cranny for the blonde girl Melia! She couldn't have gotten far! Rise Team Xen!, Team Xen forever!" She shouted in hopes of pumping up the masses and she did.

All around the city team Xen grunts were looking for the blonde girl in numbers.

The red lady then looks at Jenner with hatred in her eyes, "You're a failure Jenner, I'll have to report this to ‘her’" she spits out.

She then strokes her short red hair to the back and strikes a cute pose with her touching her cheek as if sparkles were coming from that area.

As she's about to teleport away she looks at Ray trying his best to stand and says to him, "Next time you get in our way, don't expect to come back alive, Taataa!" Madelis says with a smile and vanishes into a beam of red light.

Ray's mind was still trying to figure things out as he moved his face towards Jenner who had his hands on his head.

"It wasn't supposed to be like this" the professor said to himself with the face of a grieving man.

As Ray was about to say something another person walks into the scattered lab,this person is no other than Ray's rival and Jenner's aide Ren.

The ninja like boy Sees how damaged Ray is and provides him a shoulder to lean on, "You look like shit buddy, team Xen grunts are all over the city, venam and Karrina's gang are taking down the bulk of them though" Ren informs him.

"Mel.... Melia..." Ray tries to speak but the words are difficult to say.

"Team Xen are after Melia, you must stop them at all cost, she should be at route 2 the two of you should go there, take the rail...." Before Jenner could finish something strange happened.

'bliiiiiiiikkkkk'  a dark purple figure appeared between Jenner and the boys, Ray immediately recognized the creature.

"You're..... that Gothitelle from the S.S oceana!" Ray pointed a finger at the creature

"Gotttt gotttt gotttt" as if laughing the humanoid purple and pink creature had a sadistic smile on it's face.

"(Don't be alarmed she's with me)"  a disembodied voice said from all directions.

"Who said that?! Come out!" Ren shouted trying to sound intimidating.

"(Shut up ninja boy, my business isn't with you. Jenner.... How irresponsible of you sending children to clean up your mess, you have no idea how it enrages me thinking about what Ray has gone through, if I hadn't interfered..... you have no idea how much a sin that is, for punishment have some alone time)" the womanly voice had a horrific sense of calmness to it and if that wasn't enough right next to Jenner a rift opened up.

Jenner couldn't react soon enough and the rift started to drag him towards it.

"Professor..... Gyah" Ren tried to reach for Jenner but the sadistic Goth Pokemon stopped  him with a slap to the face.

"Giiiii giiii gothhhh!" She laughed again but this time it was more like a Maniac than a sadistic laugh, while Ray still stood there looking at Jenner.

"Boys it's alright, I was selfish, Ray your pokenav will help you out in future I promise, and that Piplup I enhanced it so it would only follow you! Together with it....... You have to save Melia! If not..... Auuuugh!!!" These were Jenner's last words as he was swallowed up by the mini Rift and it instantly vanished.

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