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The Betrayed Chronicles Arc 1: Betrayal and The Orange Islands [Hiatus] by Galaxydragon101
The Betrayed Chronicles Arc 1: Galaxydragon101
Ash has just lost in the Indigo League, due to his Charizard's disobedience. As he and Pikachu are thinking things over by a lake, they are sure in for a nasty surprise...
Ash and Misty: Love Letters (A Pokeshipping Story)  by gymnastgirlflips
Ash and Misty: Love Letters (A gymnastgirlflips
*NOTE* - Guys, I update this maybe once a year. So please don't read it if that's going to upset you in any way. I'm really tired of people asking me to update. So don't...
♡Battles Brought Me To You♡ Gladion x reader by KpopfanMariaAlexa
♡Battles Brought Me To You♡ KpopfanMariaAlexa
Diana is a 16yr old teenage girl, she is the sister of the Kalos region champion Diantha, she has to have similar footsteps as her sister so she as well has a Gardevoir...
Poké high (A pokeshipping story) by Lanikanajash
Poké high (A pokeshipping story)by Lanika Najash
So, this is basically just a normal pokeshipping story featuring, some of the main cast from the Animé. But, instead of a travelling journey, It's re-imagined as a scho...
Ask Togepi! by Fedor14cool
Ask Togepi!by Fedor14cool
Ask the lucky spike pokemon togepi! And he will surely answer your question! Fedor: Right? togepi? Togepi: tttttooooogggeeepppiiiiii!
Being The Champion's Sister (Pokemon Fanfiction) *EDITING* by xPoisonIvy12
Being The Champion's Sister ( Ivy Hatake
Sakura Takahashi comes from a family of strong trainers, but her mother is overprotective when it comes to her. Sakura starts her journey to prove that she's able to han...
🧡Åccīdėntäłłÿ Īn Łøvė🖤 (Pokeshipping and Contestshipping) by Pokemon_Luv_Forever
🧡Åccīdėntäłłÿ Īn Łøvė🖤 ( K.J.
Misty Waterflower. The newest kid in school and already an outcast. She looked normal. Very normal. Well kind of. But she wasn't your average teenage girl. No one picks...
Trainer to Be by TheRaspberryPancake
Trainer to Beby Raz~
Pokémon fan Leoni's life gets flipped on it's head when a real life Pokémon professor moves in next door. Quickly introduced to a crazy world of battles, training and th...
The Lost One's Legacy (A Pokémon Fanfiction) by ThePsychicFlower
The Lost One's Legacy (A Pokémon ThePsychicFlower
This story follows the adventures of Etain, a young Togepi searching for her mother. But what she doesn't know, that there are high stakes to this, and she has no idea w...
Togepi's Mother by Farla_Blackdragon
Togepi's Motherby Farla
Togepi's POV. The egg pokemon reflects on its mother. I wrote this a long time ago.
Pokemon! by wolf_childreen
Pokemon!by mri
~Pokemon! Gotta catch em' all!~ こんにちは! Hello! I guess you've stumbled upon my pokemon book! This book is about... well, Pokemon! I will be writing statistics about diffe...
My Adventure in Johto region by Fedor14cool
My Adventure in Johto regionby Fedor14cool
Join Jc and togepi while they travel the Johto region and make fun memories! I hope you read it! Enjoy! The pokemon, pokemon world, pokemon characters in game(SS/HG) and...
I'll love you no matter what - Ash X Half Raichu!Fem!Reader - Pokemon Anime by EllieSlateWoods
I'll love you no matter what - EllieChan10
(Y/N) (M/N) (L/N) is a 10 year old girl. Who is a Pokemon Trainer, yet helps her mother in her restaurant. Her Raichu helps her give out food and drinks to the customers...
L'aventure de Nana by Emy82140
L'aventure de Nanaby Emy82140
Bonjour je m'appelle Nana White je viens de avoir 10 ans aujourd'hui je vais avoir mon première pokemon. Nana: Je vais choisir... (je vais reprendre tout les épisodes et...
Welcome to My Cool Test Story by Gabby
Welcome to My Cool Test Storyby Gabby
Gotta love those test stories!!! what great fun!
Hiro Meets Lilo & Stitch by Hidashi_Shipper
Hiro Meets Lilo & Stitchby Hidashi_Shipper
Hira Went To Hawaii To Take a Break With Hiroko, So While They are Having a Vacation Hiro is In Charge of This Adventure, With His Main Pokémons. Piplup, Buneary, Pachir...
Adventures of Togepi by PinkyG47
Adventures of Togepiby PinkyG47
Togepi explores everyday places! Warning: Some audiences may find Togepi to be too cute.
Pokemon dragon and fairy by POKEMONwolf
Pokemon dragon and fairyby Wolfy
Blake & Jen life long friends finally started there Pokemon adventure with one goal to get to the top