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Image of God by Farla_Blackdragon
Image of Godby Farla
A boy who reported his pokemon stolen. Two girls from two middle of nowheres setting out to be champions. The people who meet them along the way. And the story that has...
Pokemon: An Erupting Spitit by CarterCypher
Pokemon: An Erupting Spititby Rowlet Lover
It was supposed to be a normal journey. At 15, Lucas, Dawn, and Oliver set out to achieve their dreams. Dawn and Oliver compete to win the Pokemon League and become cha...
The Friendly Battle & Other Pokemon One-Shots by Farla_Blackdragon
The Friendly Battle & Other Farla
Glass never expected much from her owners but she thought they would know danger when they saw it. She thought she could trust them not to get her killed. One-shot colle...
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Una Nueva Oportunidad by happyfacekiller88
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Una Mr. Mungam
Un humano cae a una misteriosa tierra convertido en Pokemon, sin recuerdo de su vida como humano, decide explorar estas nuevas tierras donde los humanos son solo una ley...
Pokemon || Quest of Thorns by Official_Ghostface
Pokemon || Quest of Thornsby Ghostface
Sphinx, a weavile that sends her days living in a cave, is known to be the strongest Pokemon in the Kokoro Forest. Any Pokemon that wants to challenge her automatically...
Seviper and me (vore story) by Checrypt_01
Seviper and me (vore story)by Nexus Løhikäärme
This is a tale about me and seviper becoming friends and to finally do a snakes kiss