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Blossoming in Sinnoh(Pokémon Journey) by Flareon_Blue
Blossoming in Sinnoh(Pokémon Journ...by Flareon_Blue
Meet Cayla Lorian, a young girl from Sangem Town who is about to start her Journey through Sinnoh as a Coordinator. With her new Partner, CC, she has plans to Blossom in...
Returning To You by PrincessLocket
Returning To Youby PrincessLocket
(PearlShipping) After rethinking her past journey with Ash, Dawn decides she wants to continue her journey. A reunion of old friends and new competition arrives as the...
My Artbook 2 ;0; by PrincessPippy
My Artbook 2 ;0;by Fashion God Pippy
A new addition to my art book~
Pokemon oneshots  by Breezy_Bubbles
Pokemon oneshots by Barkha MisTilover
Maybe slow updates but it will be updated in sync with my stories after 6th April that means after my exams Major Pokeshipping Contest shipping Ikarishipping
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Clash of Time and Space by GoomyLover
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Clash of...by ☆ Goomy ☆
Welcome to the world of Pokemon! You have been called to save the Pokemon world by a mysterious Pokemon who has yet to tell you his name. While being transported by the...
Pokemon: A Hero Rises (reboot) by sd1229
Pokemon: A Hero Rises (reboot)by Shelby
Valerie Evers' journey begins much like any other. Alongside her best friend she begins traveling across the Kalos Region to earn the title of Kalos Champion. Along the...
my Pokemon sword and shield adventures by Kru537719
my Pokemon sword and shield advent...by KIERA KRUEGER
This is a story where a 13 year old girl named Kiera Rose Krueger travels in the galar region. Kiera form an eeveelution squad family along with Amber the fennekin, Sara...
Pikachu's Grand Adventure by DestinyProduction
Pikachu's Grand Adventureby Destiny Productions
When Pikachu reads a letter from Ash, he thinks his friend has been snatched and relocated to a fearsome land. Along with Piplup, Persian, Bunnelby, and Slowpoke, Pikach...
pokemon mystery dungeon:Crossing of worlds by Starry-Bunny-Dragon
pokemon mystery dungeon:Crossing o...by Starry-Bunny-Dragon
Worlds have started overlapping, some have fused together and some have been destroyed due to not being compatible. Why is this happening? Why is it happening? Who would...
Will You Still Love Me by Gallade_Geek01
Will You Still Love Meby Dawn_Berlitz_Fan01
When Hoenn High School's election day is coming up, Drew Hayden, one of the most popular seniors in the school is determined to win. He gets a potion which will enhance...
Pokémon Violet! by AwnareTheEevee
Pokémon Violet!by Lucarhero and Pippy
It's just something with my OC named Violet, and her team, her backstory, and why she travels the world being an inspiration to the Pokémon world! ok, you know you read...
Pokemon Murder Mystery by MooncatEXETREME
Pokemon Murder Mysteryby Moon
[Series 1 - Book 1] Ember,Bubble,Dark,Dragonfly,Ray, Sprinkle,Leaf,Arrow,Salmon,Inferno, Canary,and Pond have all been invited to a party. The host is a Gengar...who kne...
Dawns Sister - Ash X Fem!Half Raichu!Reader - Pokemon D&P Anime by EllieSlateWoods
Dawns Sister - Ash X Fem!Half Raic...by EllieChan10
(Y/N) Hikari is Dawns little sister. Although her sister is a coordinator, (Y/N) is a pokemon trainer. She meets her sister again, traveling with Ash and Brock. (Y/N) ha...
Land and Sea  (Pokémon) by lugu16
Land and Sea (Pokémon)by lugu
Isabelle is a 15 year old girl from the hoenn region. She decided to take on the adventures of the land, but,,,, there's no way for her to start her journey from dewfor...
Pokemon - Siła marzeń... by _Mestinna
Pokemon - Siła marzeń...by Królowa mroku i wszystkiego c...
[ZACHĘCAJĄCY OPIS! ZACHĘCAJĄCY OPIS! Czujecie się zachęceni?] "Przyjaźń rodzi miłość na pustyni samotności... " Masz czasami takie uczucie, że wszyscy...
A Distorted Journey [a Pokémon Platinum fanfic] by TheNameIsThomas
A Distorted Journey [a Pokémon Pla...by Thomas
Lucas Diamond is a normal, 15 year old guy. When his childhood friend Barry decides to take him to Sandgem Town in order to get a Pokémon from Prof. Rowan his life chang...
My Sinnoh Journey (Pokemon) by Child_of_Strength
My Sinnoh Journey (Pokemon)by Sakura-Hime
What if Dawn had a twin sister by the name, Nicola? Well she is the exact opposite of Dawn, She is very calm and laid-back, and she is a morning person. What would happe...
Hira And Hiro Meets The Lion King 2 by Hidashi_Shipper
Hira And Hiro Meets The Lion King 2by Hidashi_Shipper
Hira, Hiroko, Cody, Diego, Gumball, And Hiro Were Heading Back To The Pride Lands At Pride Rock To Meet Kiara But Now Hira and the Gang Must Help Kiara and a Lion From T...
Luz by Hilderfic
Luzby silverdath .
Ash se encunetra en las visperas de la final de la liga Kalos pero al ser su primera final no puede dormir es entonces cuando recibe una visita inesperada
Maverick's Sinnoh Adventure by XDiamondX90
Maverick's Sinnoh Adventureby Diamond
Maverick only expected a simple journey through Sinnoh with his sister, Rika, and his friends. What he didn't expect was a returning darkness to reveal secrets long laid...