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This chapter will try to bring you answers to some of the most frequent questions I met in the comment section of this book. I will try to answer as best as I can without giving spoilers. So NO SPOILERS! Some mysteries of this series will be solved in the final book, so you'll have to be patient until then.  

1. To whom is the lost son reference in the book's title attributed?

The title has several references. It is, of course, referred to Billy as the Donovans' lost son, and at some point, even to Kian. But in my mind, Ferry was always "the lost son". He is "the lost son of fairies", but mostly, he becomes lost after losing Eileen, his human mother. So yeah, Ferry is the lost son.

2. Why are the Amalghams "forbidden to love"?

The Amalghams are forbidden to love because their purpose is to serve those who created them (only the descendants of the Great Fairies can create Amalghams). They don't have "desires" meaning they can't mate or breed, but that doesn't mean they can't have feelings or that they are incapable of love (quite the contrary, in all Ferry's Guardians cases). They are now close to extinction, and they need Ferry to save their species. And yes, they are the result of some sort of a fairy genetic engineering program. 

3. How does the Spear of Justice work?

For the Spear of Justice (Olarf) to work, there are several conditions required. First of all, there must be a situation in which justice must be done; when something or someone that caused a lot of suffering must be destroyed. 

For Olarf to appear, the Moon's Tear must be activated by the moonlight. Then,  there's the Spear Carrier (Ferry), a fairy with great powers, in whose presence the Spear appears. And the Spear Handler, the only one who can handle the Spear (might be one and the same person with the Carrier).  When the Spear is formed in five different worlds, the Moon's Tear gains unusual powers. It is as if it is recharging in each of the five worlds.

Basically, the Spear and the Tear are in a co-dependent relation with each other. And they also rhyme :).

4. Who is the Keeper of the Moon's Tear?

Well, that would be revealed further into the story. All I can say is that I left clues in both the books about who the Keeper is. The Keeper also has to be in Ferry's proximity so that the Spear can materialize itself. 

Fun fact: the Moon's Tear was inspired by the hemimorphite stone which is also my sign's stone (I'm a Libra).

5. How old are the Amalghams? 

When Ferry was born, his Guardians were in their teens. Adding the seven year they spent in the world of humans, that makes them in their twenties. Thyme is the oldest of them, and Sage is the youngest (and most impulsive) of them. 


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6. Does Ferry still wear mittens? 

In this book, Ferry wore some magical gloves given by Lavender that protected him from the touch of iron. They were almost invisible, so Ferry looked like he wasn't wearing gloves anymore (see the picture of Ferry accompanying this chapter).

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