Eyes wide open

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The next day, Ferry was late for school. He had stood awake all night, staring at the sky through the gauzy ceiling in his room. He wasn't even looking at the sky. He just stared, trying to think of something, anything that would bring him a little peace. But his thoughts kept coming back to the past night and the confrontation with Sage. His words kept ringing in his mind, and he was certain they would stay in his mind forever. He couldn't tell anyone. And what worried him the most was he could do nothing to change that.

He had to keep Sage's secret, otherwise, he was afraid he might never see Matilda. Or worse, she'll never remember him. Sage had told him about the glorious lands of the fairies, other than those in Akna. He knew about the land of Eternal Youth. And he also knew about the Valley of Oblivion. Thyme had flown with Danny over when they returned from Tenalach; Danny had remembered nothing about their fairyland adventure ever since.

What if Sage was preparing the same for Matilda? What was worse—that she would remember how much he had made her suffer for the rest of her life? Or not remember him at all? The mere thought made his heart aching.

If only he could have seen it coming. What Matilda felt for him. What Sage felt for Matilda. If he could have opened his eyes. But what did that even mean? And why was everyone telling him that?

He decided it was time to do it, to see what's around him. To open his eyes. When he did, he saw Rosemary giving Parsley a cup of tea and his hand resting a moment too long on her hand. He saw Lavender looking at the tomb at the top of the hill. He discovered Thyme's training ground that he hadn't visited since his Guardian left. Where was Thyme now? How he had completely forgotten about his friend?

At school, he saw the emptiness in Andrew's eyes and the sadness in Billy's. He saw the spark in Ben and Celia's eyes every time they passed each other. He also saw the storm in Steph's eyes at their sight, though Ben and Celia behaved like two strangers when there were people around. He saw the light in May's eyes every time they met during the break. He also saw the curtain moving on the school's floor every time May was around.

At the Pride mansion, he saw a foreign car parked in front. Four women descended from it, groping the road with white sticks. They were the blind ladies cleaning the last room on the third floor, a sign that the guest's visit was approaching.

During the five o'clock break, Ferry hurried to meet his mother. They both sat on a secluded bench, under a shady mulberry tree, enjoying the warm weather, without saying anything. His mother read his sadness.

"Ferry, sweetheart, what is it? You didn't even touch your sandwich."

Ferry tried to find an excuse, but he felt a lump in his throat. He could never lie to her. She knew him better than anyone, even than himself. His mother wrapped her arms around him, and he rested his head on her shoulder, as her hands caressed his forehead and hair.

"What's in your heart, darling?" she asked softly.

"My heart's a mess, Mum," he said with a sigh. "Such a mess..." He wished he could tell her. Her, of all people. He wanted to tell her he wasn't from this world. That he was a freak that people feared, haunted, and chased for centuries. He was sure she would have understood. That she wouldn't have seen him with different eyes. And she wouldn't have feared him. But he had to keep the secret. He was so tired of keeping the secret.

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