Whispers of the past

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That moonless night, a curious group stopped at the edge of the forest, contemplating what awaited ahead of them. It was time to say goodbye to those who were about to venture back into the Land of the Unseen.

Hoity Toity looked like the happiest and most optimistic of them all. He was joking and winking at every joke, even if he was the only one laughing. Rosemary tried to smile, always looking for Parsley's gaze. He tried to smile at them, but his smile faded every time their eyes didn't meet.

The only one who didn't smile was Sage. In his gray attire and covered in a black cape, Sage looked like a true warrior. His hair fluttering in the wind made him look even more threatening. He looked at them all in turn and no one dared to say anything. Ferry, Ben, and Matilda had also joined their fairy friends for the farewell.

While the others were saying goodbye, trying to joke to chase worries away, Sage approached Ferry and took him aside.

"Listen, Garrett, I know we haven't gotten along much lately," he said in a serious voice looking at Ferry dead in the eyes, "but I want you to be careful while we're gone. I don't know how long we'll be gone. A lot can happen in the meantime. So you'd better mind of your own and stay away from trouble."

Ferry nodded.

"And when I mean to mind your own, I'm talking about Matilda," he continued in the same tone. "She's dealing with a lot right now. She's disappointed that she wasn't allowed to participate in the selections for the football team. She's worried about Ben and Bianca. And she's very insecure about the future. She certainly doesn't need your insecurities."

Ferry frowned, "What do you mean?"

"I mean, you made a promise to leave her alone. I expect you to be a man of honor and keep your word. She needs time to think until I get back. She doesn't need distractions and silly games of feelings."

Ferry clenched fists. He wanted to tell Sage his feelings for Matilda were not a game. But he didn't. The last thing he needed was a new confrontation with Sage in front of everyone.Sage glared at him once more, then walked away. Ferry didn't take his eyes off him. Sage stepped closer to Matilda and all the clouds in his eyes disappeared.

"I want to give you something," he told her. "I wanted to give it to you for a long time, but I didn't find the right time," he added and handed her a scarf in which an object was wrapped. "Now, I think it's the right the time"

Matilda unfolded it and discovered a dagger in a metal case engraved with strange symbols."Sage, you shouldn't ..." she said, without taking her eyes off the dagger. "I know how much you care about it."

"I want you to have it," he said, wrapping her hands in his. "I have Thyme's weapons."

Matilda shook her head, folding it back, "I don't want it ... It's like-- like saying goodbye ..."

Sage gently lifted her chin with his finger, and Matilda looked at him. "Not goodbye, Matt ... Just farewell. I'll come back to you. I promise," he said and cupped her cheek with his palm.

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