Storm clouds

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Ferry's mind was away from school, his job, and even Thyme's departure. He missed him, of course, but the fact he had hurt May (without even being guilty of it) broke his heart.

Under the moonlight, Parsley was trying to explain to him how to become invisible. Unlike Thyme, Parsley was gentle, always joking and slightly insecure. He was quickly enthusiastic, lost himself in explanations, became calm again, and then turned silent. The fact that he could appear and disappear at will didn't help Ferry.

"You just have to— Just to— concentrate a little and... Puff! You are unseen," he said and disappeared in front of Ferry's eyes.

"Easy for you," said Ferry, trying to focus as much as he could. But his thought always flew to May. He almost suffocated with such concentration.

Parsley felt uneasy, "Let's take a break," he said and sat down on one of the logs in Lavender's garden. Ferry joined him.

"Troubles in love?" he asked.

Ferry nodded.

"You know, sometimes it helps to talk. I may not be the best adviser, but I am a good listener."

Ferry sighed, "It's about May. She thinks I told her secret, but I didn't. And now she's upset with me. She doesn't even want to see me, Parsley," he said, barely breathing.

Parsley seems a little confused, "She told you her secret?!"

"Yes, and it's not even a big deal ... I mean, she's older. So what?"

"Oh, that..." Parsley said looking relieved.

"What else would it be?" Ferry wondered.

"Nothing ... Continue."

"There's nothing to add," he sighed. "I've been going to her house for a few days. She turned off the light in her room every time she heard the pebbles in the window. She didn't go to school. If I could just explain it ... If she knew how I felt about her ..."

"And why don't you tell how you feel for her?"

Ferry looked at him, lost in thought. "Do you think I should?"

"Of course. Some things are too big to be left unsaid."

"A friend recently told me that some things are better to be left unsaid..."

"But then you'll have to live with the question: what if? Wouldn't it be nice to put the doubt away and know what she feels, whether she shares your feelings or not?"

Ferry thought about Parsley's wise words. "Thanks, Parsley. How do you know so much about love? I thought the Amalgams are forbidden to love ..."

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