In the name of friendship

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"You see, Garrett, plants have unsuspected powers. Some are shown to us in all their splendor. Some are hidden from view. While others have more faces, and we have to find which is the real one. Many are misleading. Because in our world, as in many other worlds, for that matter, nothing is what it seems."

In Lavender's garden, Rosemary was teaching Ferry the secrets of plants. In a thick notebook with parchment sheets, each plant in Tenalach was drawn with the utmost accuracy. Ferry had learned that May helped with drawing the plants. Her drawings looked as if the real plants were hidden among the pages of the notebook. Ferry had never seen such curious plants. Nor such wonderful drawings.

"Look, for instance, this mushroom," Rosemary said, showing him a mushroom with an orange cap. "It looks like ceps from the human world. This is called Caesar's mushroom. It is also found in our land. And it's delicious. But unlike yours, ours has a particularity. In our land, it's called the mushroom of the chest. Because, when you find yourself under its influence, you say it with your whole chest, without being able to stop. A kind of truth serum, if you will, but one that makes you recognize your true feelings," she laughed. "But unlike its gills in the human world, those are greenish like dragonfly wings, but only if you look at them in the moonlight."

Ferry turned another page

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Ferry turned another page. There, he found a plant with dandelion-like fluff, but much smaller.

"Puffer flower," Rosemary told him. "The puff of this plant can reveal any hidden fairy. It's so annoying, that you can't stop sneezing and you must show yourself."

Ferry remembered that plant. He had tried it on his own skin, when a red fairy had once discovered him, in a world that now seemed so far away as if that memory came from a fairytale.The next page showed a plant with oval leaves and small white-yellow flowers.

"Oh, beast's grass," Rosemary explained. "It opens any padlocks, chests, and doors, giving the owner the chance of infinite wealth and the promise of boundless freedom."

"And that's why there are no diseases in the fairy world? So any plant can cure any disease?"

"Almost any disease, yes. You see, if fairies can't heal on their own, there are healers like me who do it. But there are also wounds that can be fatal to fairies. Such as the wound inflicted by the power of another fairy. Or iron."

"Can plants also cure people's diseases?" Ferry asked.

Rosemary's eyes turned sad. "I'm afraid not if it's a disease that people are born with ... Or a disease that they get during life. In the world of fairies, there are no diseases." But then the smile returned to her lips, "You know, Garrett, I'm so glad you want to know more about our world," the rabbit-woman. "Parsley told me you went back to training. This means that you will soon be ready to leave. All you have to do is reveal your fairy skills."

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