Signs of springs, signs of storm (part one)

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The first signs of spring brought along the first training with Thyme. Ferry had enjoyed the winter because it meant that the weather was too cold for training. But now, as expected, Ferry was in a very poor shape. Thyme threw him to the ground several times, and each time, Ferry found it ever difficult to get up.

"It's pointless," Thyme said eventually. "Even a child could defeat you if he wanted to."

"I'm sorry, Thyme," Ferry said, massaging his back.

"I don't believe you are," Thyme snapped back. "Otherwise, we would have started the training earlier. It's not cold anymore."

"Well ... I had to go to work. Then, my school assignments. I had to work on the last project all week long with Celia."

"Yes, useless, pointless human things," Thyme spat the words.

Ferry stepped closer to him. In the darkness that was invading Lavender's garden, his fairy eyes were sparkling.

"They're not useless," Ferry protested. "I like school. School is important. Mum says studying will get me far. She dreams of me becoming a pharmacist," he said in a half voice.

"Your mother has no idea who you are and what your mission is. I'm sure the people of Akna are not expecting you to prepare them coughing tinctures or ointments for muscle sores."

"Maybe the people of Akna shouldn't put so much faith in me," Ferry snapped. "I don't even know who they are. Do they even know I exist? What will happen when I arrive in Akna? Will they lay the red carpet for me?"

"Don't be ungrateful with those your own kind!" Thyme shouted. "You are one of them, whether you like it or not."

"And what I want doesn't matter?" Ferry shouted back. "Am I just a tool that brings salvation?"

"Right now, you talk like one," Thyme raised his voice.

Ferry was heavily breathing. "I don't want to go to Akna, Thyme," he softly said.

Thyme turned to him, "What did you say?"

Ferry got up the courage, "I don't want to go to Akna," he stressed the words. I love this place. Mum's here. All my friends are here. May is here ..."

Thyme came closer. Ferry had never seen him so angry. "Is that what it is? You want to give up your faith for a girl? A human girl?" he said in disgust.

"Gladly," Ferry said in one breath, aiming at him.

Thyme clenched at the wooden spear so tight, it almost broke. For a second, Ferry felt like he was going to hit him. "You shall go to Akna, whether you like it or not," he said through clenched teeth. Then he turned his back and walked away.

"You can't force me!" shouted Ferry behind him. "You hear me? You can't force me!"

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