Changes (part two)

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"May is back," Ben announced as soon as Ferry entered his room.

For the past five years, May has been spending the summer holiday at her aunt's, in the Big City. She came back before school started.

Ferry's heart skipped a beat. He was thinking about May every day. Even now, when he had so much on his head, his thoughts were always looking for her, running towards her, finding her and taking comfort in the memory of her smile. That brought him peace, if only for a while. All summer long, he had been taking care of a special flower that grew from a magical seed which Lavender gave him. The flower blossomed only under the moonlight and stayed in bloom during the day. The petals looked as if made of mere moonlight, soft and transparent. And its scent scattered all over the street; for that reason, Ferry kept it hidden under a wicker basket. He's been carrying for it and talked to it all summer long. He wanted to give it to May when they would meet.

"Will you see her?" asked Ben while he was keeping himself busy with a telescope he's been building over the summer. He was still not happy with it.

"I don't know... It's always hard to talk to her after she's been away for so long. What am I supposed to tell her?"

"Well, I don't know if I'm the most suited to give you advice," said Ben frowning, stopping from what he was doing. He hasn't been wearing his glasses for a while, although his sight didn't get any better. Now, he had to screw up his eyes so he could see.

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"You should know. What are you saying to Steph after you haven't seen each other for a while?" 

Stephanie Michaels has been Ben's girlfriend since eighth grade. The girl was the feminine version of Ben. Yet she had chosen to keep her glasses.

Bookish, curious, serious. She was always wearing her hair back-combed, sometimes with a white fillet in the middle of her head. She was very perseverant, too. Her family moved to Goodharts when she was in the fifth grade. And Stephanie showed her interest in Ben from the very beginning. They even had the same aspirations — to study, get a scholarship at one of the colleges in the Big City, and leave Goodharts to follow their careers.

Eventually, at the end of the eighth grade, Ben accepted to be her boyfriend. Yet Stephanie didn't join their group. Matilda couldn't be happier with her decision, claiming one Ben was enough. Besides, Stephanie didn't care about anyone but Ben, anyway.

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