Chapter 25

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"Hei Tu, let me see the reward given to you by God's messenger!" A warrior pounced on Hei Tu.

Hei Tu looked wary: "This is what the God's messenger gave me."

"I'll just take a look. Also, I can possibly grab it from you!" The warrior got angry.

Hei Tu squinted his eyes and sneered.

Wasn't this kind of thing has long been forbidden?

The warrior touched his nose: "I often give you good things when I have them. Besides, this is a reward given to you by God's messenger. If I grab it, I can't stay in the tribe anymore."

Hei Tu reluctantly handed it over, but in fact, he was so proud that his face blossomed like a flower, but he didn't forget to urge:

"You have rough hands, remember to be gentle. If you break it, I will screw your head!"

"I know, I know."

The warrior responded in a perfunctory manner and impatiently snatched the thing in Hei Tu's hands, he wanted to know what kind of reward the God's messenger had given to Hei Tu.

Several other people, who got rewards were also in similar condition; they were surrounded by the others.

The things that the God's messenger brought out every time are very special and good, and it also represents honor and is of great significance.

Just digging a few ditches, one can get God's messenger and even God's affirmation, which was a huge news!

When the warrior got the small object in his hand, he was a little stunned at first. What is this thing that is as big as a palm?

The long object made of metal felt heavy in his hands.

Before he had time to figure it out, it was snatched back by Hei Tu: "You don't know what this is, right? I'll show it to you."

The warrior was a little unhappy at first, but when he saw Hei Tu's demonstration, all his attention was on the knife.

The reward was a multifunctional outdoor army knife, which was very small when it was closed, but has a lot of other things inside and can pull out many small pieces of equipment.

In addition to the main knife, there are nearly twenty functions such as, sharp knife, saw, scissors, rope cutter and so on.

It was very small and sharp, and the craftsmanship was extremely exquisite. It's very suitable for carrying around in case of emergency.

Not only that, the metallic light it emits is simply too fascinating.

Especially for warriors, this is really the best accessory.

Some awardees have hung it around their necks with a rope as a decoration while walking around the tribe full of honor.

Still, Yang Yi couldn't bear to see this scene and told them to put it on their waist, so that they could quickly pull it out in case of an emergency.

"This knife is really good." The warrior tried to use it to cut wood. The knife was small, but very useful.

If he encounters a beast or an enemy, he can take it out and pierce his opponent's head by surprise. He can definitely poke his opponent's brain.

"Of course, God's messenger gift is definitely good." Hei Tu was very proud, but felt a bit distressed about his knife.

The warrior was very envious, experimenting with every function and he would be extremely surprised every time, he said as he sigh, "So it can still be done like this!"

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