Chapter 24

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Qing soon saw the difference and realized that her plant affinity was also reflected in the promotion of plant growth, so she also spent a lot of attention to take care of the other crops.

Obviously, the same method and means were used, but the crops taken care of later did not grow as good as these peppers.

These peppers grew approximately twice as fast as normal under her efforts and now she can only grow about one quarter faster than normal plants.

Not only that, the efficiency was also very low. She can only assist an acre of land each day and if she releases more, it will lead to exhaustion of her power.

Clearly, she didn't deliberately release her powers for this piece of chilli peppers' land yet they grew so well. Why doesn't it work now?

Qing couldn't understand this at all. She had changed to several methods but it had no effect.

Therefore, she hopes that Yang Yi, as the God's messenger, could give her some tips.

Yang Yi shook his head with regret: "This is not ​​my field of expertise and I don't understand these."

Who never had a heroic dream when he was a child? Yang Yi also dreamed of having super powers to punish and eliminate evil.

Now he's very interested to see the awakening talents of these warriors.

Anyways, they all came to a different world and maybe God would give him special abilities, hence he consciously got in touch to understand.

It turned out that he thinks too much of everything. He doesn't know the situation and didn't understand how those talents have come to some people.

After signing the mutual contract with Black, he also deliberately let Black use his talents in front of him, trying to feel the power through their entanglement with each other.

It turns out that he couldn't feel anything.

Qing was not surprised by such a result. After all, Yang Yi's fighting strength is weaker than ordinary people. It's just that she can't help feeling disappointed after knowing his answer.

"Don't worry, you just need to take care of these plants according to normal planting methods and you don't have to do anything."

"God's messenger, please enlighten me."

Qing's expression looked very frustrated and her heart was still vexed that she was too incompetent to control her talent.

"We have more land to plant in the future than we do now and even if you can control your talent, you can't be too busy."

Yang Yi didn't feel too regretful. He originally intended to play the role of ordinary people.

He has a wealth of knowledge and he also brought good varieties, which can also produce high yields.

Having warriors that are close to plants are of course better, but he will not rely too much on them. The inheritance of technology is stable and lasting, and it can be improved continuously.

"I hope my talent can do more for the tribe."

Qing's plant affinity is indeed rare and useful, but when a tribe stabilizes and understands the surrounding environment, her power would gradually weaken. This world still values strong warriors.

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