New fanfic is up!

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My new American Horror Story fanfic is now up!

It's called Madness.

It has all the seasons mixed together

Here's the description


Violet has come to visit her mother in Briarclift, while Vivian's there her father Ben goes insane. He tried to skin a girl like the murderer Bloody Face.

While she visits the asylum she meets a sad souled girl named pepper and starts to visit her when she comes to see her mom. Then a girl named Misty is sent to the asylum and Violet becomes her "friend" she tells Violet about the coven and that she has to go and find a woman named Cordelia and tell her where she is.

Violet doesn't know whether she should believe Misty, but she goes anyway. On her way to the prep school she and Tate stop by a Freakshow.

Do you think Violet and Tate can help Misty?

It's different I know but I'm super exited about it and I hope you all check it out!

<3 Emily

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