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A Parmiga Story.....  by warrqns_
A Parmiga Story..... by Angelina 👻
Short Stories of Vera Farmiga & Patrick Wilson ♥️
Parmiga by caraharris5
Parmigaby Cara
Takes place after coven. Emma isn't in the picture.
Parmiga One-shots by patsfarmiga
Parmiga One-shotsby gabi
Feel free to dm me any requests! These short stories are completely fiction and are being written for fun!
The Man Next Door - A Parmiga Fanfiction by patsfarmiga
The Man Next Door - A Parmiga gabi
Vera and her new husband move to Montclair, seeking a great place to start their new chapter in life, but unfortunately for them, the overly kind and attractive man next...
One time Romance by BeaBillanes
One time Romanceby Curious Mind
As the title stated this story is a oneshot romance kinda type of Parmiga story.. there will be no sexual and mature content just some lovey dovey things hehehe, I just...
crossovers. by lxnicelle
#6 lxnicelle
a collection of short stories that include taissa's and evan's characters. mostly AUs and songfics.
The Lady Next Door - A Sequel to "The Man Next Door" by patsfarmiga
The Lady Next Door - A Sequel to " gabi
Vera and Patrick have been together for over a year now, starting off their new life together by moving into a new home. They hope that their interesting new neighbors d...
I N S T A N T E S by Warrenschild
I N S T A N T E Sby Giss
Cada vez que finalizábamos una película, sentía que un pedazo de mi alma y corazón se me iba con ella. Lo que no sabía, era que no era por la película sino por mi co-est...
Pen Pals by parmigiolate
Pen Palsby lilac
Jimmy Darling and Clementine Murray were assigned to be pen pals in the fifth grade. Despite being hundreds of miles apart and unaware of each other's appearances, they...
You Again by BeaBillanes
You Againby Curious Mind
This story focuses on how a busy woman with a super busy life can have a change of heart due to a man he just met but never had a chance to get to know more deeply.. wil...
Our story.  by warrqns_
Our story. by Angelina 👻
Let's start from the beginning of the Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson love story. Where we go through all the love, hearbreak, tragedies, and Beautiful moments of the co...
A Touch Of Love and Diamonds  by BeaBillanes
A Touch Of Love and Diamonds by Curious Mind
The Pacific Inc. was a huge brand name, many wanted a job opportunity to work there but not all has given a chance due to one man's decision. He's a cold blooded person...
For Everything A Reason: A Parmiga Love Story by sloppywitchbitch
For Everything A Reason: A littlewitchbitch
It set during coven but flashes back to murder house. It's told through Taissa's POV and explains through flashback how her and Evans relationship happened and what hap...
You're all I have (tate and violet) by violateworld
You're all I have (tate and violet)by ivana
"I'll wait... forever if I have to." are the words Tate said three years ago. Will Violet ever forgive him? Did Tate really change? Find out the next part of...
Life After Emvan by evanthomaspeters_
Life After Emvanby —
okay so basically , we all remember that whole emvan broke up drama a few days ago right (: , well this story is the day after that went down and how Taissa felt and exa...
Hallelujah (Tate & Violet) by luxbebe
Hallelujah (Tate & Violet)by luxbebe
Violet Harmon, a pretty and sardonic teenager, reluctantly moves from Boston to LA after her father Ben's love affair, for a new start as a normal family. Her family bou...
"Our Love" by lovinqwarrens
"Our Love"by j
꒧⋆ ۪ my story is an inspired version - with my own twist ! <3 ꕀ 。a story of vera and patrick, a friendship where both of their love were expressed and fought with
The Peters by uh_hey
The Petersby uh_hey
Suddenly Taissa unexpectedly becomes pregnant and starts a family with Evan. But will it be a good one?
The Fall by xmistical
The Fallby mystixal
A girl, Taissa is going to college. She meets her roommate, Tate. Tate Langdon. They meet and she uncovers his terrible back story of murders...