Chapter 22

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Tate's POV

"Come on let's follow them around" Violet said.

"Okay let's get Lily and Isaac to come with us" I said.

"Why" Violet asked.

"Because they need to see why they can't buy the house" I said. Violet nodded and we walked into the kitchen and found them sitting at the bar talking.

"Isaac, Lily we need your help" I said.

"What's wrong" Lily asked.

"Constance and Michael are here looking at the house" I said. They gave me a weird look.

"And" Lily said.

"Michael is the kid Tate had with Vivian, my mother and he can see ghosts, he basically the antichrist. That's what Billy told me. He can't be here it will make him worse" Violet said.

"Okay we'll help you" she said.

"Thanks Lily" I said. They got up and we walked upstairs, they were currently looking are in Lily's old room. Michael was looking in the closet and smiling, I looked over and saw beau in the closet.

"Okay let's go to the master bedroom" Marcy smiled. They walked out and michael looked at us, He walked over to Lily and gave her an evil look before walking out of the room.

"What the hell" Lily said.

Lily's POV

Well that was really weird and sorta scary.

"What are we gonna do" Violet asked.

"I don't know" Tate said. Then I thought of something.

"What if I appear to my mom so she'll stay, I don't think the ghosts here will hurt her, and once she sees me she might want to stay" I said.

"Are you sure you would want to do that" Tate asked. I nodded.

"It's basically the only thing we can do, I don't see anyone looking at this house besides them" I said.

"Okay, do what you gotta do" Tate said.

"Okay" I said. I walked out of the room and went downstairs, my mother just shut the door indicating that Constance and her son just left. I walked into the kitchen and saw Marcy packing her things.

"I wish more people would've come" Marcy sighed.

"Me too" my mom said as she took the refreshments off the counter.

"Well I'm gonna head home, contact me if you need anything" she smiled before she left. My mom sat down on one of the bar stools and started crying. I felt so bad, I shouldn't of left her like that. I walked over to her and appeared, I tapped her shoulder and smiled.

"Mom" I said. She looked up and her eyes went wide.

"Lily" she gasped.

"Mom" I said as she pulled me into a hug.

"But how" she asked.

"I'm a ghost" I said.

"Oh baby no" she said as tears ran down her cheeks.

"I'm sorry I killed myself mom" I said as I started to cry. She pulled me into a hug and stroked my head.

"It's okay honey" she whispered.

"Please don't move" I whimpered. She pulled away from me and pushed a piece of hair out of my eyes.

"I'm not going anywhere now sweetie" she said.

"I love you mom" I said.

"I love you too Lily" she whispered.


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