Chapter 26

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Lily's POV

I can't believe that Michael changed, it just seems too good to be true. But I guess it could be, I mean he seemed so vulnerable, but that could also be a trick. I just won't let my guard down, I mean my mom is still here, and I won't let anything happen to her.

Tate's POV

Michael is a lying little shit, I know he hasn't changed one bit. That act he played with Vivian had her and probably everyone else fooled, but I see that glimmer in his eye. He was a sly one, I've gotta warn Lily so she can get her mom out of here. Currently Vivian, Violet, and Ben were sitting in the living room playing a board game with Michael while Moria took care of Violet's brother. I think Lily's mom went to the store and Isaac and Lily were in her room. I couldn't get Violet to come with me since she was too caught up with her family right now. I walked upstairs and went into Lily's room. Isaac and Lily were sitting on the floor discussing something.

"Lily can I talk to you" I asked. She nodded and walked over to me.

"What is it" she asked.

"Look you may not believe it but Michael's Lying" I said.

"Okay I sorta believe you but that's also what we're talking about, you can join us if you'd like" she said. I nodded and we sat down.

"What are we gonna do" Lily asked.

"I don't know, but Lily your mom has to get out of here" Isaac said.

"Agreed, it's not safe till we can find out a way to destroy Michael, or prove that he's good" I said.

"I wish she could stay, but I guess it's the only way" Lily sighed. Isaac patted her back and she smiled at him. I felt a little jealous but shook off the feeling.

"Wait, I can call Billy, she may be able to help us" I said.

"Who's Billy" Lily asked.

"She's a medium, hopefully she'll find out a way to get rid of Michael, Lily give me your cell phone and I'll give her a call" I said. Lily got up and handed me her phone, I typed in the number and hit call. It rang a few times before she picked up.

"Hello" she said.

"Hi Billy, it's Tate, look we really need your help" I said.

"What kind of help are you seeking" she asked.

"Well we killed a very powerful and evil child in murder house, and now his soul is here. We can't figure out if he's good now or if he's still evil, I mean as you told us before he's the antichrist" I said.

"Okay I can help, but I'll have to see what I'm dealing with" she said.

"Okay, can you come over now" I asked.

"Yes, I'll be there soon" she said.

"Thanks" I said as I hung up.

"So is she goons be here soon" Lily asked.

"Yeah, let's go down stairs and wait" I said. They nodded and we headed downstairs. I can't believe Billy is helping us, she can sense I'm bad so she doesn't like to get near me, but yet she seemed so calm when I spoke to her. The harman's were now upstairs in Lily's moms room, so that means we have the whole downstairs to ourselves. We waited a few minutes ten I heard the door bell ring, Lily ran over to the door and invited Billy in.

Billy's POV

I pulled into the driveway, as soon as I pulled in I could sense evil. I walked up to the door and rang the bell, the door opened and I saw a young girl with long brown hair. It's sad, she was so young and now she's stuck here.

"May I come in" I asked. She nodded and stepped out of the way, I walked into the oh so familiar house and we all sat at the dining table.

"Where is the one you need me to read" I asked.

"I'll show you" Tate said. We walked up the stairs and I peaked into the room with the Harman family and a little boy.

"Him" Tate said. I looked at the little boy, he was very hard to read, almost impossible. He looked up and smiled evilly at me. I quickly looked away and grabbed Tate's hand.

"Let's go back down stairs" I said. We walked back to the table and sat down.

"He's still evil, I'll have to do some research, I feel that maybe an exorcism may work. But it's very complicated, it could rid the house of all spirits including you" I said.

"Does Michael still have power" The girl asked.

"No he doesn't, but that doesn't mean anything. He will kill anything he can get his ghostly hands on. I suggest you get your mother out of here by tonight, she's not safe" I said.

"Okay, thanks for all your help" The girl said.

"You're welcome, I'll give you a call when I figure out what to do" I said. They nodded and I got up and walked out of the house, I looked over and saw Constance's house, I walked over to her back door and knocked. I got no answer, I could sense something was wrong so I went inside. What I saw lying on the ground horrified me. Constance was lying on the ground covered in blood, she had been stabbed to death.


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