Chapter 25

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Violet's POV

"Oh my god Tate, what did you do" I yelled.

"I'm sorry I wasn't thinking" Tate yelled back.

"Well obviously" I yelled back.

"Now it's gonna look like my mom killed a little boy, it doesn't look too good that his dead body is in my moms bedroom" Lily yelled.

"Lily don't worry about that I can hide the body and Moria can clean up the mess, and I do recall that killing him sorta saved you" Tate said. Clearly aggravated.

"Look guys it's not Tate's fault, he did what he had to do which was kill Michael, either way he can't harm anyone now, because he can't leave the house" Isaac said.

"Okay I guess you're right" I said.

"But he can hurt people in the house" Lily pointed out.

"Now Lily's mom is gonna have to leave" I said. Lily looked over to her mother and her eyes filled with tears, as did her mothers. Tate looked instantly guilty, Isaac patted his back and sighed.

"It's not your fault Tate, there was no other way to do it" Isaac said.

"Violet what's happened" my dad said as he ran into the room along with my mom and my baby brother. My dad saw Tate and instantly pulled me away from him.

"Dad stop" I yelled.

"You know you shouldn't be near him" he yelled.

"I don't care" I said.

"Let's not do this here, now what's happened" my mom said trying to calm everything down.

"Tate had to kill Michael" Lily said.

"So now his soul is here with us" Isaac said. My mothers face was full of mixed emotions.

"Wait, maybe he's powerless now since he's dead, maybe all his evil is gone" my mom said as she handed my brother to my dad.

"Viv, I'm sure he's still evil" my dad said.

"No, I don't think so" she said as she ran out of the room.

Vivian's POV

I ran down the stairs into the basement, I could hear faint crying. I ran towards the cries and came across Michael sitting in the corner crying. I slowly approached him and bent down in front of him.

"Where's my mother" he whimpered. He was talking about Constance.

"She's not here baby" I whispered as I wiped his eyes.

"I wanna go home, I'm scared" he whimpered.

"This is your home now" I whispered.

"Vivian" I turned around and saw Ben, Tate, Violet, Lily, and Isaac standing behind me. Tate stepped in front of everyone and Michael looked terrified and started crying harder and crying for his mom, I knew now that the evil has left him now that he's dead, because he's useless to the devil now. I pulled him into my arms and kissed his cheek.

"Shhh it's okay baby, you're safe now" I whispered. He buried his head in my shoulder and held onto the me.

"I'll keep you safe" I whispered.


What Michael changed?.......Or did he? 😏

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