Chapter 3

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Lily's POV

"Wake up dear you don't want to be late on your first day at Westfield" my mom said as she opened my curtains. I groaned and got out of bed. I barely got any sleep last night, cause I was so scared and confused. I walked into the bathroom and got into the shower, once I finished I dried off and put on my robe. I walked back into my room and grabbed my clothes, which consisted of a long black skirt, a white tee shirt, and a black hat. I put on my clothes and walked back into the bathroom and blow dried my hair, I put on a little bit of makeup and brushed my teeth. I walked into my room and slipped on my black flats and put on my hat. I grabbed my phone, and my old brown school bag and walked down stairs.

"Are you ready" my mom asked. I nodded and we headed outside and got into the car.

"How was work last night" I asked.

"Good and very tiring, how was your night at the house alone" she asked.

"Okay I guess" I lied. My night was absolutely not okay, it was terrifying.

"We're here, have a good day, I love you" my mom said.

"Love you too" I said as I got out of the car. I headed inside and started looking for the main office so I could get my class schedule. I finally found it and walked inside.

"What do you need" the secretary rudely asked.

"I'm new, I need my schedule" I said.

"Name please" she asked.

"Lily Carter" I said. She looked through her files and pulled out a paper.

"Here's your schedule, have a nice day" she said as she handed me the paper with all my classes on it.

"You too" I said as I walked out of the office. I looked at my sheet and my first period is a free period in the library. Great I didn't even need to be here yet, I walked down the halls looking for the library until I finally found it and I walk inside. There are students just sitting around on their phones. I walked around and one of the first things I see is a big plaque. I walked over to it and start reading, it's in memory of a bunch of students who were shot and killed.

"It's sad that all those students died" someone said. I turned around and saw a guy around my age with dark brown almost black hair and brown eyes.

"Yeah it is" I said. We walked over to the couches and sat down.

"I'm Isaac" he said as he extended his hand. I shook it and smiled at him.

"I'm Lily" I smiled.

"Do you know where Mr. Smith's class is" I asked.

"Yeah I have his class next I would be happy to show you where his class is" he smiled.

"Thanks, at least I'll know where one classroom is" I chuckled. He smiled at me and the bell rang.

"I shall show you, but first I need to get my books" he chuckled.

"Okay" I laughed. We walked out of the library and I followed him to his locker and it turns out mines right beside his. I put a few things in my locker and shut it.

"Ready" he asked.

"Yep" I said. We walked down the halls and I followed him to class.

"Thanks for showing me to class" I said as we walked in to the large classroom.

"No problem, but we are just about to start a project so that will be fun. I mean who doesn't like history projects" he said sarcastically. I laughed at his remark and we sat down at the two person tables.

"Why aren't there desks" I asked.

"This use to be the science lab" he said. I nodded and who I'm guessing is Mr. Smith walked in.

"Okay class I've partnered everyone up and the project is on famous places in L.A" he said.

"Go look at the back board to see who your partner is" he said. Everyone got up and checked the board.

"Lily come up here please" Mr. Smith said. I got up and walked over to his desk.

"Here is your text book and you will be partnered with Isaac Shulk" he said.

"Thanks" I said as I walked back to my seat.

"Hey it looks like we are partners, I figured that since your name is Lily and there isn't a girl named Lily at our school, so if it's not you then I don't know who my partner is" Isaac said. I laughed sat down.

"Well I'm your partner unless you're not Isaac Shulk" I said.

"It's actually Lahey" he smirked.

"Teen wolf fan?" I asked.

"No, just wanted to see what you would say, but yeah are partners. What place do you want to do?" he asked. I shrugged and opened my text book.

"I don't know much about L.A" I said.

"Oh can we do Murder House" he asked.

"Sure that sounds really cool" I said.

"We could start the project tonight" he said.

"Okay, how about we go to my house after school" I said.

"Okay just meet me at our lockers after school and I can drive us to your house unless you drove then I'll just follow you" he said.

"I didn't drive so I'll meet you at our lockers after school" I said.

"Sounds like a plan" he smiled.


The last bell rang and I walked down the halls to my locker and put my books away and waited for Isaac. I saw him coming down the hall and he smiled and waved at me. I waved back and smiled.

"Hey" he said as he opened his locker and put his stuff away.

"Hi" I smiled.

"You ready to go" he asked. I nodded and we walked out of the school and I followed him to his car which was an old black pickup truck. We got in and I gave him directions to my house and he stopped at the stop sign and I pointed at my house and his mouth dropped.

"You live in Murder House" he asked.


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