XI: A Light is Born

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The children of Darkness quickly ran and made a circle around Penny. She was a little confused, but she wanted to know what was about to happen. Eli let go of her and joined the circle. He knew what was about to happen, he had gone through this before.

"You've shown this world that you are worthy of much more. Even when the hardest obstacles were put in your way, you were able to get through them. I'm proud of you, Penny!" Eli said as he smiled. "And now, you shall be free from that pain..."

"Allow us to give you the light to make you shine!" Said all the children of Darkness enthusiastically.

They all got their hands close to their chests. They all glowed, and they took a piece of light from their souls to give it to Penny.

Penny had understood it all in that moment. Children of Darkness hold a light deep inside, and they need another piece of it to release its true power. And after a long time, the time for Penny to become a child of Light had finally arrived.

All of the pieces of light slowly approached her. It felt like a dream, and she made sure to make every second of it worth it. She closed her eyes, feeling like the moment was hers. The lights made their way to her soul, and she felt totally different.

She started floating, and she felt a warmth. Not in her heart, but in her soul. Something inside her was changing, and she had an idea of what it was.
He looked at her as she glowed, and she noticed something she couldn't help gasping at. Her skin was no longer dark. She was gaining a fully new color, and she was speechless about it. She closed her eyes, and she smiled.

"Thank you..." She said with the sweetest voice yet.

After that, all of the Darkness that lurked in her faded away. It was nothing but light now. She had finally transformed into a child of Light. The scars she held were gone, and her cape had been fixed into a single piece. Eli looked at her, and he could not believe it either.

"Is this... Is this a dream?" Penny asked herself in disbelief.

"It is not. This is who you will be from now on..." Eli said as he felt like he fell in love once again. "Not only a child of Light, but a beautiful angel!"

"None of this would have happened if you never helped me... I really owe you a big one, my love!"

"Letting me help you was more than enough. I love you!"

"I love you too, Eli..."

They rushed to hug them selves. Penny glowed like a star, and Eli felt like he was in heaven. The fire that burned in Penny's soul collided with Eli's, and he became a child of Light once again. He cried from happiness flooding his heart, and the children of Darkness couldn't help crying as well. They all thought it was a beautiful moment.

"Should we go back home? Skye might be worried." Penny asked as she finally felt peace.

"We sure can! There is a lot for you to discover out there..."

The path to the Light shined once again, and they went through it. As they walked through the garden and held each other's hand, they remembered everything. From the moment they found her in the Ether and everything that had happened since then. They stood in front of the gate that would take them back home. However, Penny didn't feel ready to go through just yet. She let go of Eli and she stepped back, making Eli understand what was happening.

"You are still afraid, are you?" Eli asked as he softly held her hand again.

"It's not that I'm afraid, but... What if the world rejects me again? What if I can't be in there?"

"Oh, try to relax a little!" He said as he hugged her and played with her hair. "I know that all you've gone through has made your mind think that, but you shouldn't worry about that now. Everything will change from now on! Everyone will want to meet you after they know who you truly are!"

"You... You really think so?"

"Of course! Just be who you are, and everything will be amazing!"

"Oh, Eli... What would I do without you!"

She kissed him on the cheek, and she was ready. They went through the gate, and they had returned home. Penny was still a little concerned, but Eli wasn't. He walked in front of her, and he whistled a certain melody he knew Skye would recognize. As soon as he did, he could see a little light come for him. Skye was running to welcome him back.

"You're back! You're finally back!" She said with a smile and her arms wide open to hug him. "How did it go?"

"Oh, you tell me!" Eli said lively as he stepped to the side. When he did, Skye could see Penny. She was impressed, and for a moment she thought it was someone else. But then, she realized what had happened. She got close to her, and she couldn't help smiling at what she was seeing.

"You look totally different! I'm happy for you!"

"I wouldn't have done it without him!" Penny said as she held Eli's hand. Skye realized what was going on, and she was happy that Eli had found true love.

"I guess, we can finally present ourselves, can we?" Skye said as she unfolded her arm. Penny got close and gave her the handshake that she owed her from the very beginning. There was no harm involved this time, and she smiled at this.

"Welcome to the world of Sky! You will sure have a lot of time here!"

"World of Sky? Since when did you come up with that, huh?" Eli wondered with a smirk.

"I don't know, I just like the way it sounds, haha! Anyways, I hope you have fun with your special one showing her around this place!"

Eli and Penny blushed and looked away. But when they looked at each other again, they couldn't help showing their love. He held her hand, and they went to an edge of the island. They sat there as the sunset appeared. Penny took a deep breath and placed her head on Eli's shoulder, as well as her hand on his lap.

"Thank you... Thank you for everything. I don't know what I would do without you." Penny said with the voice of an angel.

"I should be the one wondering that. I can't imagine how life would be without you, and it all happened so quick... Perhaps it was meant to be!"

"Yeah, I like to think of it that way..."

She tried to keep talking, but she yawned. She was really tired, and she really wanted to rest. Before she could really think about it, she fell asleep right where she was. Eli looked at her and smiled, and he unconsciously fell asleep as well.

Skye looked from the far away. And she softly chuckled a little. She was happy, and she couldn't deny it. She placed her hands together and lowered her head, ready to pray.

"Oh, dear Samira..." She said.

"I know I don't normally pray for the sake of others, but this is a special case. I want you to take care of them. I want them to be happy, and I will be as well if they are! I know a lot is awaiting for the three of us, but only you know that. So please, let their love shine stronger and stronger every second they are together. Let the Light be with them. For that and much more, I shall be grateful..."

She then opened her eyes and looked up. For some reason, night had quickly arrived. The moon shined right above the lovely couple, showing Samira had heard Skye's prayer. She couldn't help smiling again, and she went to sleep as well.

"The three of us have a lot more up ahead... I can't wait!"

Three children of Light had found their place to be. They were all happy, and there was nothing that would stop them. No storm, no distance, or not even a demon could make them go down now. They had reached limits they thought were unreachable, and they felt like this was just the beginning.

Was the adventure only about to begin? Only the great three children of Light would figure that out...

The end.

A story for Lyr ✨
Inspired in Sky: Children of the Light

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