VIII: Unfolding the Truth

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"I love you!"

"No, I love you more!"

"Say whatever you want! I LOVE YOU MORE!"

Hours passed, and they just couldn't stop loving each other. There was nothing but fondness to each other going through their minds. They would walk while they held their hands, and Penny had never felt this happy. They reached the edge of a river, where they sat down and talked for hours.

"It might be a little late to ask this, but I just need to know..." she said softly. "Why did you fall in love with me? What is it about me that you liked?"

"Do I really need to explain it?" he said as his eyes glowed. "You are just, ummm, what's the word for it?" he though for some time (not really, he just wanted to make it interesting). "Oh, yeah! Perfect!"

"Oh, that's so sweet from you!" She said as she kissed him in the cheek.

It was nothing but cute and innocent love for hours, maybe even a full day. They might have ran out of words or things to do, but they couldn't get over the fact that they loved each other. They eventually decided to try and focus on the quest once again, always hoping that the feeling that they had would never go away.

"I guess we can try and solve this now that we trust each other, right?" Eli suggested.

"I agree, my love!" she replied as her eyes glowed as well. "Maybe we can actually do this!"

"I told you I wouldn't give up! I'll do my best to try and help!"

They looked at each other with a smile in their faces. They slowly got closer, knowing they would eventually kiss. However, an ominous voice came and ruined it all.

"Oh, what a sweet love you two have made!"

They both looked around and didn't see a thing. However, they'd recognized that voice anywhere they went. Demille was here, and they were ready to fight back.

"Oh, did I interrupt the moment? I am deeply sorry! I just wanted to come by and take Penny back with me. She is mine after all..."

He suddenly appeared behind her and grabbed her. She tried to get away, but he was too strong.

"I'm sorry it had to go this way, but I guess she never told you the truth. She is destined to be a child of Darkness, for-e-ver! And I have the great honor of taking care of her for all eternity... Oh, what a blessing!"

Eli's blood was boiling with anger. He slowly grabbed the knife that he never gave Penny back, and he got closer to him.

"Why... Why would you do this to her? What did she do to deserve this!?"

"The answer is quite simple. She trusted me, and I bet she is happy with that! Why not try it yourself, Eli? We could all rule over this world. It would be a place for both of you to enjoy..."

"Ummm, did you say something? I think I didn't hear you at all..."

Eli rushed in to stab him, and he got a clean hit in his chest once again. Penny took advantage of this and was able to escape his arms.

"Run, now!" Eli shouted.

The ran away from the prairie into the forest where it all had began. They felt like they had lost him, but Demille was not an ordinary man. He looked around, even though he knew exactly where they were. He wanted to take advantage of the situation. He pulled the knife out of his chest and started messing around with it. Blood would drop and leave a trail behind him, but he didn't mind it. He knew exactly what would happen.

"How is he back? I thought he would take longer to recover from that!" Penny whispered.

"I thought the same, but I guess not... Just stick with me. Everything will be ok." He said as he hugged her.

"Or will it, Eli?"

Demille was right behind them. He took Penny hostage once again, and he stabbed the knife in Eli's shoulder. He couldn't stand the pain, and he dropped to his knees.

"You've done pretty well, but you two are useless! Do you really think you can take me down!? How foolish of you two!" He said as he saw Eli suffer. "Do you really want Penny that much? Then I suggest you come save her... If not, she will be mine forever!"

He disappeared and took Penny with her. Eli could barely get up from the pain, but he stood up.

"Penny... PENNY!!!" he cried. He felt like it was all over. Tears flooded the place, and he still didn't have the strength to go fight, and he dropped to the ground again. His cape was full of blood, and he had no idea of what to do.

"I- Is this how it ends...?" He thought. He was ready to give up, but he looked at his reflection in the pond of tears he had made. He looked at himself, and he saw something that he totally forgot about. The cut in his face had healed, but it had left a scar behind. It was exactly like the one he had before. He was speechless about this, only remembering those times when everything was calm thanks to Skye's arrival. It gave him the little push he needed. He felt inspired, and he knew what he had to do.

"You better prepare yourself, Demille. I said I'd set Penny free, and I will do it..."

He took his mask out of his pouch and put it on. He even flipped his cape to hide the blood, making it black on the outside and red on the inside. He looked menacing, yet powerful...

"I'm coming for you, my love..."

The ground started shaking, and a portal rose from the ground. It was similar to the one that made them enter this place, but it was terrifying. However, Eli was ready. He didn't care about the things that would stop him. He just cared about her, and nothing else. He rushed into the portal, and what he saw wasn't really the nicest thing.

The place was dark, but he could see a little. He walked through a long hall, and torches would light up as he approached them. It might have been interesting, but it didn't feel right. He eventually reached the end of it, and what he saw made him shiver in fear.

For some reason he was in the Ether, but he wasn't on his own. The were lots of children of Darkness locked away in cells, all crying from the pain of the storm. It was horrifying, and Eli didn't want to see it nor hear it. But he wasn't going to give up yet. He could hear someone screaming at the distance, so he carefully went where the voice guided him. The noisy storm wouldn't let him hear it clearly, but he suddenly heard a scream that was more powerful than any other he had heard.

"Please, don't do this to me! Someone help me! ELI!!!"

Eli immediately knew who was screaming, and he grieved deep inside. But he had one thing in mind: he was going to save her at all costs. He rushed through the raging storm, not caring about the pain that rained on him. The closer he heard Penny's voice, the more he didn't care about the storm trying to hurt him. Adrenaline was the only thing going through his veins. He was unstoppable, and nothing or no one would take him down just yet.

He reached another dark room, hoping she would be there. And thankfully, she was. She was tied up and couldn't move. He quickly tried to set her free, but a threatening sound caught his attention. There were footsteps slowly approaching him. When he turned around, he was there...

"Oh, welcome, welcome, young Eli! So you chose death in the end..."

"I think I should be the one saying that to you. This is your end, Demille!"

"Oh, so you are challenging me?" Demille grinned in a devilish way. He caught himself on fire and transformed into a different man. He now looked like a child of Darkness, with a dark cape and a really elegant outfit. What he didn't know was that maybe it was a bad idea to bring a suit to what seemed to be a grand battle...

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