V: Devil In Disguise

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When Eli entered the portal, he was surprised. The place seemed like a vast forest. It reminded him of the Sacred Woods, but there was no time to think about that. He focused on trying to find Penny, and it wasn't an easy task. He looked tree after tree, hoping she would be nearby. But she wasn't, and he was starting to get tired.

"Oh, Penny... Where did you go?" He said while worried.

He started to lose hope, and it was rare from him to do such thing. He thought it would be impossible to find her in this place, so now he mainly decided to find a way back home. He walked and walked, but there was no sign of a way out, nor of Penny. He was sad and disappointed. He missed Skye, and everything that made him happy while he was at their home. He felt lost, and he really didn't like that feeling.

"Wh- What am I supposed to do now? What can I do if there's no way back?" He thought. "Am I... Am I stuck here forever!? N-no, it can't be!"

He started losing his cool. He was freaking out, but that wasn't going to help in any way. He took a deep breath and dropped some tears. But at last, he was back to "normal".

"Ok, maybe Penny knows about this place. I have to find her!"

He looked around for her with all his might. Even though there was no sight of her, he believed deep inside. She had to be there, but it was up to him if he would find her. Night was approaching as well, and that was no good. But just when he thought it was all over, he saw something with the corner of his eye. It seemed like a shadow, so he got close to it. He was scared, but there was only one way to know if it was Penny or not. The more he stepped forward, the more he could hear a voice whisper. When suddenly, it reached it a point in which he could hear it clearly.

"I thought you understood it all when you were stuck in that disgusting place you call your home. There is no way to fix you, Penny. Only I can do that, but I'll never do it..." Said a devilish voice.

"B- But why!?" Penny spat back. "Why would you do this to me!? Why do you want to ruin it all for me!? LEAVE ME ALONE ALREADY!"

The voice did nothing but laugh. Eli hadn't seen a thing yet, but he could already tell it wasn't good.

"Why won't you give up!? Hasn't a year been enough for you!? You despise me!"

The only thing Eli could hear was a punch. Penny screamed and dropped to the floor in pain. It was way too much for him to handle, so he decided to stop it once and for all.

"Hey, stop that already! Leave her alone!"

"E- Eli!? Why are you here!? I told you to stay away!" Penny yelled.

"Oh, what a nice surprise! You decided to come..." Said the voice which now had a body to relate with.

"W- Who are you!? Why are you harming her!?" He said.

"Why would you even bother on knowing? It's not like I'll stop it if you ask me that." He said. He seemed to be smart, and powerful.

"I don't think there's a need to introduce myself. You will forget everything you've lived for very soon..."

"Wait, no! Please, don't hurt him!" Penny screamed while still in pain.

"Oh, my sweet Penny. I won't be the one that kills him..."  The evil shadow said with a smirk.

"...You'll do it for me."

The evil man turned into fog and entered Penny's chest. Not only it invaded her body, but her soul as well.

"P- Penny?" Eli said as he stepped back.

"What is it Eli? Are you scared?" She said with a devilish tone. "Everything is going to be alright. I just need you to give me something."

"What is it?" He asked from far away.

"Your blood..."

In the blink of an eye, she pulled out a knife from her cape, and you could tell she was ready to stab someone. She was grinning from ear to ear, and it was terrifying.

"Let me stab you already! You won't be able to escape from me, HAHAHA!"

Eli sprinted through the forest hoping he would get away and save some time. Every leap he took made him run out of breath, until he reached a point where he just had to stop. There was no sign of Penny being nearby, so he could calm down for now.

"WHAT IS HAPPENING!? I have to get that thing out from her somehow! But... I don't want to hurt her. What can I do then?" He walked around thinking about this, always checking if Penny was nearby. He reached a small pond in the middle of the woods, in which he sat down and looked at his reflection in the water.

"There has to be an easier way to do this. She didn't deserve any of this! Someone has to know about it!" He said as he breathed heavily.

"Besides, I miss everything. The realms, the moments, my friends..." He closed his eyes.

"I miss you, Skye..."

"I bet you missed me as well..."

Eli opened his eyes only to see she was right behind her. He tried to move away, but the knife was already too close to his face. Penny got a clean hit on him, and he could feel the pain. His hand and face were full of blood, and he couldn't believe what just happened.

"You..." He said as adrenaline flowed through his veins. "Don't think I won't hurt you just because you are inside of her! I'LL KILL YOU!"

He ran towards Penny and punched her. He was aware of what he was doing, but there was no other way to solve this. Deep inside, he was sorry. But in that moment, he was furious. He couldn't think about any other feeling.

"I'll make sure you go away and never come back!"

He swung his arms left and right, always getting clean hits on Penny.

"Please, stop it! It hurts! It hurts!" Penny said with an innocent voice.

"Oh, don't think I will fall for those tricks! YOU ARE DONE FOR!"

He landed one final blow in her face. She got knocked out and dropped the knife. Eli picked it up and got ready for what was yet to come.

"Wh- Why would you do this..." Said the ungodly voice. "Fine! If Penny won't do it, I'LL DO IT MYSELF! Prepare to die, Eli..."

As terrifying as everything seemed to be, Eli was not afraid. He was just waiting for the moment to arrive. When out of nowhere, it happened.

The evil shadow came out of Penny's body and rushed towards him. Eli did the same, and he jumped to stab the knife in his chest. Even though he thought he would fail, it didn't go that way. Last thing he knew, the evil man was brought to his knees.

"More powerful than I thought... Impressive."  He said as he bled tarr from his body. "Just know that it isn't over yet. You just got yourself in lots of trouble, you little brat..." Before he could say another word, he vanished away.

Eli didn't think about himself at all. He was worried about Penny, which he picked up with his arms and took her to a safer place. He was able to find an exit for the forest, and they were now in an open prairie.

"Penny, I'm so sorry..." He said as he grieved. "I didn't mean to! I'll never hurt you again!"

He cried and hugged her, hoping that she would wake up soon. The problem here was that it was a matter of hours for that to occur. The only thing he could do for now was wait and pray for her.

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