I: Remember the Forgotten

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Dear diary,

It has been exactly one year now, and nothing has changed. Everyone still thinks I am evil, just because I don't belong to the Light. I am sick of it, and I know for a fact it won't stop anytime soon. I need someone to help me. To not ignore me and lift me up. But, do you really think that will happen? I really don't believe so.

I am hiding in the Ether, hoping someone will find me. But if not, I know there is a great storm waiting for me up ahead. Maybe I shouldn't think about it anymore and just accept it. I don't belong here, so I just have to go away. I bet no one will even notice.

It was... fun. I hope that whatever comes after this is not as bad as it was being here. Farewell, world...

The young girl then closed her notebook, threw her pen away and broke into tears. She could hear all kinds of danger out there, and that just made her cry even more. Her cape had been ripped in half, and her body was full of wounds. Nothing was going on her favor.

"I'd never want anyone else to go through this, but... why did it have to be me? What did I do to deserve this?" She said slowly. "I guess it doesn't matter. No one ever cared about it anyways."

She got up and slowly walked towards the storm. She knew what was about to happen. She could see the path to the Light at the distance, but she didn't care about it. She knew she wasn't going to be accepted in there anyway. She took a deep breath, and as she cried, she felt the storm raging upon her. It was a pain she was used to, since this was her only way to get herself away from the world. But it got to points she would have never imagined. She dropped to the floor and felt the pain. She couldn't stop thinking about it. It felt like a nightmare, but it was even worse than that.

"Goodbye, world. You definitely disappointed me..."

She finally felt something inside her fading away. She felt weaker and weaker and just closed her eyes. But when she thought the pain would be over, it wasn't.

Someone wearing a mask rushed in, picked her up and dragged her to the path to the Light. Her body got fueled up with darkness in a flash from this unexpected impact, and she was both surprised and mad.

"What do you think you're doing!? Get off me!" She screamed, but there was no reply.

This mysterious person just kept taking her closer to the Light. She was furious, so she radiated darkness from her soul and sent them flying away. She then tried to go back to where she was. Back to where everything was about to end. But she couldn't. She tried, but she just couldn't reach that point anymore. All of the darkness flowing through her veins didn't let her go down just yet.

"Oh, so now you don't want me to go, world!? MAKE YOUR MIND UP ALREADY!" She screamed from the bottom of her heart. She broke into tears and dropped her knees to the floor. When suddenly, the person was back with a little surprise. Someone else was beside this masked person, and they both took one of the girl's arms and got closer to the Light.

"I said get off me, you monster!" She said as she radiated darkness once again, but this time it didn't work.

It was something about the other person that made them stronger. She couldn't do anything and just felt the Light getting closer and closer to her. She closed her eyes and cried, wondering how she could have reached such horrible points for her. And when she opened them once again, she was not in the Ether anymore. She was in a strange looking garden, and she could see something shining with tremendous force at the distance. It was too much for her to process, so she dropped to the floor and stayed there.

"But... I shouldn't be here..." She said as she slowly lost consciousness as all of the darkness that flowed inside her went away. She was just there, surrounded by two people that she had never met before. The masked one took his mask off, and the other one got her long hair out of the way.

"Oh dear, she seems to be really hurt!" One of them said.

"Why was she in there? Why did she try to fade away?" Wondered the other.

"Those are things we will have to find out soon enough. But now, we have to make sure she is okay."

"I agree! We should take her home, Eli"

"I say the same, Skye. She will be safer there."

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