II: Tales of the Past

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Skye and Eli decided to take the girl they found back to their Home. She had definitely blacked out, and she wouldn't respond to anything they did to her. They were worried for her, but deep inside they were mainly intrigued about why was she there. They would give her a check from time to time, hoping she would wake up. But it wouldn't happen if they kept looking at her—for some reason, everything happens when you are away from it. While they waited, they tried to figure the reason for that thing lurking in their minds.

"What even happened? Why did she want to fade away?" Eli wondered.

"If there is someone that can tell us that, it is her. But I guess we have to wait for her to wake up." Skye replied. "But, leaving that behind, didn't you notice something different about her?"

"The way she sent me flying away... That just wasn't normal! She has something we have never seen."

"Or maybe it is something that I am missing..."

Eli turned around only to discover she had gotten up. He never said it, but he thought she was beautiful. She was just standing there, staring at the ground. They immediately approached her and pulled their candles out. She did as well, but nothing really changed. She was still dark and didn't gain a bit of color.

"You don't know what's going on here, don't you?" She said while she sighed. "I'm different to all of you. I don't have something everyone else does."

"What is this "something" you talk about?" Skye wondered.

"Um, isn't it obvious?" She said with a bit of a mad tone. "If you don't mind, I'll just get out of here. They will kick me out if I stay for too long, so I might as well just cooperate."

"No, you are not going anywhere." Eli said as she approached her and grabbed her arm. In that moment, she gasped and closed her eyes in fear. But when she opened them again, she was a little confused.

"Is everything ok?" Eli asked.

"Ye- Yeah. It's nothing..." She replied.

"Anyways, we need to know who you are! Why were you there? What is it about you that is different?"

"Do I really need to explain it!? I'm not like all of you are! I'm not a child of Light! I never was, and I'll never be!" She screamed as she dropped to the floor from all of the feelings she held inside.

"I know that deep inside you don't want me to be here! I'm just a nuisance, a villain, a monster! So please, just let me go!" She ran towards the portal to the Ether. Just as she was about to enter, Eli pulled her back.

"What do you mean we don't want you to be here? We want you to be safe! That's all we want!" He said as he looked at her.

There was no reply after that. She just closed her eyes, crossed her arms and turned around. Eli let go of her and turned around as well. He took a deep breath and sighed, feeling like he had done something wrong.

"We will be around this place for a while. If you need help or something, just come to us." He said as he walked away.

He sat on an edge of the island and just started thinking about what just happened. It was almost midnight, and Skye had fallen asleep already. It was just him and the sky full of stars. Or at least it was that way until he heard footsteps. He didn't mind them at first, but then he realized someone sat down beside him. When he turned to look, it was her.

"... How did you do it?" She asked.

"Do what?" He wondered.

"When you grabbed my arm... Didn't you get hurt?"

"I didn't even feel a thing. Was something supposed to happen or something?"

"People usually get hurt when they get close to me, so the fact that you got that close to me was, you know, a little surprising."

"Why is that, huh?"

She looked at the floor and sighed once again. "I'm still a child of Darkness..."

Eli did nothing but gasp. He knew what a child of Darkness was, but he had never expected to see one.

"We are supposed to get our Light when we arrive to the Temple of Dawn, right? Well, that wasn't the case for me." She spoke as she looked at the stars. "When I arrived to that place, I didn't know anything. I thought everything was meant to go the way it did, but I guess I found out the truth soon enough. I didn't get what all children of Light get. I got the residues: just pure and evil Darkness. It's like something or even someone took away what I was supposed to get. Ever since then, my life has not been the nicest. No one approached me. Everyone thought I was evil. I was even trapped in stone for months in the Ether, so much that it felt like my home. I somehow broke out, and I came back the same way. I just know I'm not good for this world..."

Eli was speechless and looked at her with amaze in his eyes. The only words he could say were "That is..."

"I know, it is horrible, and so am I. I might just leave before you ask me to do so." She stood up and walked away.

"Wait, don't!" He said as he rushed to hug her. She was surprised and a little afraid, but she got used to the feeling.

"I was about to say that is so interesting! I want to know more about it, maybe we could help! But please, don't go away..." He said as he buried his head on her shoulder.

She felt a little something inside her. It was something she had never felt, but it made her catch a smirk in her face. She gently pushed Eli away and turned around.

"The name's Penny. Thanks for, you know, at least trying to help me." She said with a soft tone not even she knew she had.

"I'm Eli! Thanks to you for letting us help! We'll start tomorrow morning, so you might as well go get some rest. I'll do as well. Good night!" He replied as he walked away.

For a moment, she was by herself. She still held that strange feeling inside, and with this in her mind she took her notebook out. She looked at the note she had written moments before "disaster". After some time of just staring at it, she ripped it off and threw it in the water. She looked at it break apart and left with a slightly bigger smirk.

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