IV: Far From Home

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While they reached the entrance to the beautiful world ahead of them, Penny started thinking about everything. She asked herself many things that were left unanswered for some time. Why was Eli helping him if he just met her? Will there actually be a way to solve this? Will she become a child of Light in the end? She was really intrigued to see what would happen, since she never had the courage to do this on her own. And as she thought about it, before she could notice, they had arrived to the Sunny Grasslands.

"There must be more clues around here! And even if there weren't, we can at least spend some time here to relax, haha! Don't you agree?" Eli asked.

"Sure! It sounds nice." She replied.

For some reason, the place was empty. This place is supposed to be known for being the world where you meet others like you, yet there was none. Penny didn't mind it at all, but Eli was curious about it. Something must have happened for everyone to leave unexpectedly.

"That's weird... Why isn't anyone here?" He wondered.

"I really have no clue, but it might mean something." Said Penny.

"Oh, you're right! This could guide us somewhere, we better look carefully!"

They flew around and looked for anything out of ordinary, besides the place looking like a ghost town. But even though they looked as good as an eagle hunting for its prey, they couldn't find anything. They ended up sitting down in a mountain, always hoping that something would happen.

"I guess we can wait for something to happen here. While we are at it, why don't you tell me about yourself?" Eli said with a smirk.

"Oh, sure! I guess we can get to know each other better." Said Penny. "But, what can I tell you though? Everything about me is horrible..."

"Oh, don't say that! Don't treat yourself that way!"

"S- Sorry! It's just that..." She sighed. "What can I tell you that isn't bad about me?

"I'm sure there are lots of things! And even if they were "bad", I'd love to know them all!"

"Oh! That's... Nice, I guess." She felt a little more comfortable being with Eli at this point, but she was still afraid of meeting other people.

"Well, I guess I like being by my own, in the darkness. Where nothing or no one can interrupt me. Ever since I discovered, you know, what happened to me, I hate Light and everything about it. So I prefer to avoid seeing it."

"Wait, so am I doing something wrong? Should I stay away?"

"Wh- What? No! Please, never do that..." She said as sorrow came rushing in. "You and that friend of yours have been the only ones that have tried to help me. So please, please-please-please, don't leave me alone..."

Eli was surprised. Penny seemed to be a girl with strong feelings, but apparently it wasn't that way. He never said it, but she even sounded desperate, like if this was something she was hoping for.

"Trust me when I say I never will. We will do this, together!" He then got close to hug her. The part that he wasn't expecting was for her to put her arms around him as well. They both felt a warmth in their heart, but they didn't say a word.

"Oh dear, I'm sorry. It's just rare for something like this to happen to me."

"I totally understand, but there's no need to be sorry! Just know that I'll be here for you. We'll figure this out as a team!"

Something inside Penny changed in that moment. It's like if she had energy once again. Like if a little piece of the pain had disappeared. She was surprised about this, but it didn't last for long.

"Don't you remember it all? It's foolish from you to think that you'll be able to get rid of me. Pull yourself together, you stupid girl!" Penny heard in her mind.

She felt her heart aching and she gasped. Eli was surprised and caught off guard, but he tried to do something.

"Woah, are you ok? What happened!?" He asked.

"No- Nothing! It's nothing... Don't worry about it."

Even though he was told the opposite, he was worried about what had occurred. He knew it wasn't normal, even though finding a child of Darkness was no ordinary thing. Ever since that moment, she felt weak. Like if anything or anyone could harm her.

"You don't seem to understand... Then I'll make you and your little friend see that you are not what you seem to be. I suggest you go away..."

They both felt the ground shaking. They could see a crack in the clouds, and something was coming from it. They couldn't tell what it was at first, but they saw it clearly. It was a weird looking portal that had appeared in front of them. Perhaps it would be useful, or maybe it would guide them to their doom.

"Eli, st- stay away from me... I'm dangerous..." She said as her heart still ached.

"No, I don't plan on doing that!" Eli replied. "I promised I wouldn't leave you alone, and I will keep that promise!"

"B- But... I don't want to harm you... Please, stay away from me!"

Before she could say another word, she felt different, like if something had taken over her. She couldn't control herself, and she slowly started to walk towards the new portal. She didn't want any of this, but she couldn't stop it.

"Eli! Don't follow me through here! It's dangerous!" She screamed with all her might. And before she could take control over herself again, she had already entered the strange portal. Eli thought about it for a little, but he always had one thing in mind.

"There's something about her that makes me wanna go... My mind's telling me not to do it, but my heart says the opposite! I have to go!"

And like that, he rushed into a place he had never seem or heard about before. Who knows what crazy things could be awaiting for them in there...

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