IX: The Great Encounter

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It had all come down to this moment. Eli stared at Demille menacingly, while Demille slowly walked around in his new outfit.

"I guess this will declare who the true victor is... But I don't even need to fight. Someone else will do it for me."

"Oh, so you are afraid? Is that what you mean?" Penny said while still tied up.

"I think you two should be the ones afraid... You better get her out of there soon if you want her to live."

He then walked away and disappeared into the shadows. Eli quickly took the knife and cut the ropes Penny was stuck in. She was now free, but it wasn't over just yet. They looked around the room, looking for anything that could help them. There was nothing, but they didn't want to leave the room just yet. If they did, they knew they would find Demille, and they weren't ready to fight him.

"Eli... Why are you here!? You're in danger here!"

"You really think I'd leave you alone!? IN THIS PLACE!? I said I'd help you at all costs, and I will keep that promise! He took her hand and looked at her. "We will take Demille down, together!"

Penny had a smirk, and she felt like she was ready for things to go down.

"We have to be ready! Anything could happen..." Said Eli. And as he did, they could hear a strange whistling from the far away. They thought it was the wind at first, but things weren't going to be that nice right now. The ground started shaking, and Eli heard a tremendously loud growl. He knew exactly what it was. The beast was here.

"Wh- What was that!?" Penny said in fear.

"There's no time to explain, we have to leave this place! RUN!"

As they ran, they could hear the walls behind them crumble apart. The beast was rushing in to devour them, and it wouldn't care about what came in its way. They entered the storm once again, and they quickly found a shelter. Eli even remembered the plan he made in his mind when he first met this thing. The only problem was that there was no light to follow—the path to the Light had disappeared for some reason. He hugged Penny, all for the sake of keeping her safe.

"Whatever you do, don't turn around..." He said.

Of course, whenever someone says something we shouldn't do, we do exactly the opposite, and Penny was no exception. She turned around only to see the beast trying to hunt them down. Eli expected her to scream, and he even covered his ears. However, she wasn't afraid. She was actually intrigued to know what it was. She knew it was dangerous, but she was curious to discover more than just that. She looked at it for a long time, hoping that maybe it would notice her.

"That thing is dangerous!" Eli said as he noticed Penny's interest. "We should get away as soon as we can."

"Wait! Maybe I can do something!" Penny said excitedly.

"What do you plan on doing!?" Eli freaked out.

"Maybe I can be friends with it!" She said with a smirk. "I might be a nuisance for Light, but Darkness has always accepted me! If I'm lucky, maybe I can tame that beast."

"WHAT!?" Eli said as he lost his cool. "But, you could die in the attempt! Are you sure you want to do it!?"

"I can try! And if I ever feel in danger, I'll call for your help." Penny said as she hugged him back.

"I'll make sure to be there as soon as possible..." He kissed her and spoke. "I love you, Penny..."

"I love you too, Eli... Now, we better get going!" She carefully ran towards the beast, always being aware of her surroundings.

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