X: One Last Time

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Demille slowly approached Eli once again, who was staring at him menacingly.

"I feel like I am missing something, am I?" Demille thought out loud.

"Actually, yes, you do." Said Eli in response. "All this time, I've been one of you. A child of Darkness... But I guess now it's time I release it once again. One. Last. Time..."

A dark aura appeared around him. It seemed like if he was getting corrupted or even harmed, but it was just the real side of him. He soon enough looked like everyone else in the Ether. The children that were caged were speechless and stopped crying. Penny gasped and covered her mouth, and Demille couldn't help being impressed.

"How can you even hold Darkness inside of you? You can't be on both sides, can you?" Demille asked, confused.

"I thought the same, but two people made it happen." He looked at the sky. "I have to say, I really thought you were going to know about this."

"You know what? There is no need to explain it. You are going to die after all..."

"Is that so? Let's see how it goes then..."

They stared at each other, knowing things were truly about to go down. The storm calmed, making it a true battle field with no distractions. In the blink of an eye, they both rushed to attack.

Demille's blade bounced back from the impact of Eli's knife. Even though he had a disadvantage, Eli wasn't going to give up so easily. They moved back and forth, attacking and defending. It looked like a choreography, but they both knew what they were doing.

Penny, with the little strength she had, rode Hex and looked at the battle from above. It was scary, but it was legendary to watch. But he noticed something weird in Eli. He was afraid, but a fire in his heart wouldn't let him retreat. Eli quickly looked up and saw that Penny was looking at him. It somehow made him confident, and it made him fight better. He parried all of Demille's attacks, and he landed a clean hit on him once again, one that made him bleed.

"Impressive..." He said as he breathed heavily. "It seems like I finally found a worthy opponent!"

"And I'm sure it will be the last one too..." Said Eli with a smirk.

"If you say so..."

Demille disappeared all of a sudden. He was just starting to show his real power. He teleported behind Eli, and he was ready to destroy him. Eli had only a few seconds to react, and he used them wisely. He quickly moved and tried to stab him again.

"This is the end, Demille!"

"Oh, is it?"

Demille somehow grabbed Eli's arm on the move. He took the knife from his hand, and he threw it at him. Unfortunately, he got his shoulder once again. He couldn't take the pain, and he dropped to the floor. The fear that he held inside came rushing out, and it felt like a nightmare.

"I should have said that to you, but I guess there is no need for it anymore." Said Demille respectfully. "You should be proud. You made me have quite some fun with that battle..."

"Hey, over here!" Screamed Penny from above. "You forgot about me, didn't you? The battle is not over yet!"

She whistled and flew with Hex towards the children that were caged. The beast chomped the bars off of the cages, letting all of them free.

"Have fun with that! Children, ATTACK!"

All of them rushed to attack Demille. There were lots of them, and at first Demille ran away. But he reached a dead end, and there was no going back. He prepared his fists, for it was going to get dirty.

The entire army rushed to take him down. It was a hard time for Demille, and that was enough for Penny to check on Eli. She made Hex fly to him, and she hopped off to hug her beloved one.

"Eli! Are you ok!?"

"Ye- Yeah..."

"Please, you can't leave me alone... Not after I fell in love you!" She said desperately.

"Penny..." His eyes glowed like they had never done before. He felt like his strength came back. He was still bleeding, but he didn't care about it.

"Wow, you truly make me not want to give up..." He said as he realized what just happened. "Ok, enough talking! We have to do something!"

"Don't worry about that. I have a plan..." She said along with a devilish laugh that Eli accompanied.

While they developed their master plan, Demille was almost done with the distraction that was put in his way. He was only getting stronger and stronger from the rage that he held inside. He pushed all of the children away, and he ran to try to kill Eli once and for all.

"I'll release all of my rage on you! DIE ALREADY!"

Eli could only avoid the first few punches. After that, he was getting beaten to death. He couldn't move, and he soon enough dropped to his knees.

"This will finally be it! No one will ever defeat me! Penny will be mine! It was all useless! Understand!? USELE-"


Eli gathered the strength to both scream and get out of the way. Demille heard a massive roar, and he turned around to discover the origin of it. It was Hex, and Penny was on top of him. Demille tried to run, but it was inevitable. Hex rushed into him and sent him flying away. He let go of the knife that had taken a very important role ever since he arrived. Penny quickly jumped off and grabbed the knife. She ran towards Demille and landed the final blow. The knife had been stabbed into Demille's heart. The great battle was finally over...

"I- Impossible..." He said with his last breath. "But... I am... Demille... How could you..." He lowered his head. Not because he wanted to, but because he had finally been taken down.

"We did it..." She whispered to herself. "I am free now..."

The storm completely disappeared, but it was still a dark place. Eli couldn't believe it. They had actually accomplished what they had been wishing for ever since they first met.

"I'm actually free! Eli! We really did it! I can be with you forever now!" She said as tears of joy came pouring out.

"I'd absolutely love that!" He said as he ran to kiss her.

The demon had finally faded away, and there was nothing that could ever get in Penny's way again. She was happy, but an unexpected event surprised her. She felt a tap in her shoulder, and when she turned around, it was one of the children that were caged. And behind them, the rest of them were bowing, showing their gratitude.

"Thank you for setting us free from that monster... We really can't be more grateful!" They said as they bowed as well. "We feel like we owe you a big one, so allow us to give you a gift!"

"Oh, you really don't have to!" She said as she blushed. "Come on, you are free now! Why not go ahead and explore what is left for you to discover?"

The children of Darkness nodded their heads from left to right. "No, not until we give you your gift!"

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