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Sky: Children from The Unknown by Rin_Kamazawa
Sky: Children from The Unknownby Rin
You're just an ordinary human being, dying from being killed. But something unexpected happened. You reincarnated in another world. In a game that you loved the most. Sk...
Sky: Children of the light x Reader Oneshots/Scenarios by TrioA7676
Sky: Children of the light x trioarts_76
!if you're here to complain, please dont read the book! *This is a FanFiction AU don't bring the real cannon* *some of the AU's are my own Opinions so please respect it*...
Cackling Canoneer x Reader by Qwertyui_Official
Cackling Canoneer x Readerby Adey
"Thank you.. for saving me.." When he thought his life was gonna grabbed and taken away by the depths of the water, he finally saw a light when you grabbed his...
Sky: Children of the light One shots! {SLOW UPDATES} by fvvbutsushii
Sky: Children of the light One readndwrite28
Cover and art in book is not mine, belongs to the artist respectively. Um-hey, another book of one shots about my other game that I really like. Hope you enjoy! Sky: CO...
(OPEN) Sky: CotL RP by CupQwertyqoo
(OPEN) Sky: CotL RPby Cup
I just made a Sky: CotL Roleplay so um here you go! STATUS: Open * * * * * P.S. Yes, that's me in the picture. I know, I know. I only have a harp instrument. * * * * * H...
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Sky: The Children Of The Light [ My ikmen's ] by CraftingTables_Write
Sky: The Children Of The Light [ CraftingTables_Write
You meet an ikmen sitting around in the isle of dawn's cave, they need help doing the trail of fire so you decide to help them.
What are you anyways? (SkyCotl x RWBY) by TheOfficialMaid
What are you anyways? (SkyCotl x Flore Tepes
So uhhh I got addicted to playing Sky, and I sort of have a rough idea on how to make this. A lot of details from Sky might be incorrect so please be nice. Zu was a moth...
The Lone Traveler's Diary and other Short Stories by DarkWinter3
The Lone Traveler's Diary and Dark Winter
You stumbled upon the Vault of Knowledge, cape ripped and mangled from the attacks of the krills that had suddenly appeared near the gate to the temple of Wasteland. Yo...
Random stuff in Sky: Children of the Light by AstralCalamity6521
Random stuff in Sky: Children of Astro
A book of random and funny stuff Also includes some screenshots. Enjoy.
The Rebellion (Sky: Children of the Light) by _Starspeaker_
The Rebellion (Sky: Children of ˗ˏˋ 𝔖𝔲𝔫𝔡𝔢𝔴´ˎ˗
READ THE GATHERING FIRST! A Sky: Children of the Light Fanfiction Here is the website for it! I don't understand the copyright thingy down ther...
Do it for their sake! by kitkat_bar_OwO
Do it for their sake!by Kitkat_bar
Being a sky kid in real life after being sucked into the game is somehow hard, first off, rain hurts you and the dirty polluted water is also draining your light, the da...
The Start Of Varlie (Book One) by ThatJayBird
The Start Of Varlie (Book One)by Jayland
-a comedy horror thriller fanfiction based off of Sky: Children Of The Light WARNING- -gore -death -emotional parts -cannibalism -swearing
Sky COTL stuff by ENTITY_56
Sky COTL stuffby 𝓟𝓪𝓹𝔂𝓻𝓾𝓼
Yeah I'm in the fandom Basically just OCs and rp starters loL
Save the light by vanillacacti
Save the lightby Harumi
(CONTINUATION OF WHEN THE LIGHT FELL) the trio reaches their final journey.
Gaypeppsle!!!//SkyCOTL Oc Oneshots (I am at gun point!!) by moe_______________
Gaypeppsle!!!//SkyCOTL Oc SkyCOTL and Omori Enthusiast
Oneshots book of me and my friend's sky ocs! I dont use their names on some of the stories, Mainly Fion and Ace oneshots just because. Other characters will be also ment...
Random stuff book  by Galactic_Skykid
Random stuff book by Welcome to hell
I'll do random stuff in this book Mostly my art but I'll do stories if you want Nothing inappropriate tho, I don't want to get in trouble with the Wattpad police Appare...
ㄖ爪乇几'丂 ㄒ卂ㄥ乇. by BeautifulTreehouse
ㄖ爪乇几'丂 ㄒ卂ㄥ乇.by SpiritWolf
Sky Children Of The Light AU! I started playing and my brain went: make a book with your Oc's in it! so, I wrote. Omen is a child of the light. they know nothing of they...