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Warner's POV

"There is a war coming, it is not a happy future ...everything will be destroyed." Sister Zuchra said in a quiet-quiet voice.

"Why ,Sister ? I don't understand why you are thinking about this again,"I say, because that's all I can say.

She turns from the floor-to-ceilling window to face me .An ideal beauty, white face and body ,with bright red hair and luminous red eyes, that glows with the magic that is there in her head. My friends say that my Sister was also born with white face and purple hair -like other ladies. But I never believe them, how can it be so that she is so powerful when once she was like others ? But then she is Father Joseph's Child. Maybe one day I will also be so powerful and perfect , not with black face and Blue head and eyes that have a very dull look.

No lady looks at me like I am a star , none except ...her. Oh ,but that's just in her dreams. Should I tell Sister? No ,she would freak out. Now is not the time. She is already anxious.

"You don't know ,it is not something you can feel ...but we old Warlocks can, you are just too young little Brother. "

Whenever it came to a topic I knew nothing about I would change the topic but, this time I wanted to know about this ,it was too much to be kept in the dark for so long.

"I also want to know Sister , "I asked moving towards her and taking her hand in mine. "Please," I pleaded. She smiled at me and said "Okay, but this needs time and I think it is the dark hour so you better go to sleep." I look out of the window behind her, wishing the Giant to light the world up in it's reds. Just so I could tell sister that it's the light hours so she will tell me about all the things that is eating her up. But I know my wish will not be fulfilled. Helpless I turn my attention back to her and looking in her beautiful red eyes I ask, "So, tomorrow ?"

"Tomorrow, little brother. " She said in a promising voice and gave me a kiss on my cheeks. The smile never left her face.

But just as I was about to turn away I saw blue lights surrounding us and then they appeared , about hundreds of warlocks. Something was not right about this .I turned to my Sister to see her smile being slowly replaced by a look of horror. I frowned, these warlocks were not danger ..not to a High Warlock like my Sister. So why was she worried ?

My question was shortly answered when he appeared -Brother Marcus. Sister has long before told me that he was evil.

He was in search of the Great Black Book. The book created by Father Lucia. The book was of the most darkest and worst magic that could erase a complete world. The magic was so powerful in itself that if a warlock like me tried to use it, he would be destroyed. I didn't know all about it but I knew it was made by Father Lucia and can't be destroyed even by the Angels themselves. It was my Father, Father Joseph who took the book from his Brother and hide it in the Other World ,save and away from anyone's hand. Nobody knew where it was but there was a prophecy that said a child will be born in the Other World , who will be part human , part warlock and part angel. He will be able to locate the book and destroy it. Although no one was ever interested in this prophecy, Brother Marcus seemed very keen to get the book before it was destroyed. And with what I see in front of me at the moment I am sure that his visit has something to do with it.

He was smiling his evil smile and looking at Sister Zuchra in a way to make it clear that there was no way he was living our place without getting what he wants.

After what felt like a life time my Sister cleared her throat and asked with an edged voice ,"Why are you here ?"

Brother Murcus on the other hand seemed to have absolutely no effect of the tone my Sister used, "There is a favour I ask of you dear cousin ."he replied politely.

"Don't you dare ask for my favour in your dark magic. "

"Oh, no, no. I am just asking you as your only dear cousin, to help me inherit that which my Father has left for me. "

"But it seems your Father didn't live long enough to teach you some things, one of which I must say how to inherite that which he left for you or may I say, how to steal it? " said Sister Zuchra mockingly.

And this time Brother Marcus lost his cool and hissed "And it seems your Father didn't live long to put some morals in you, either."

Sister was about to say something , when I felt it . The feeling of losing your magic. And I felt the ground coming up for me as I fell near Brother Marcus away from my Sister. I heard her shout "No! Worner!"

The pain was immense and it was followed by the fear of losing my magic. No ,no ,no! I have to fight. But I can't fight him. He was strong ,no strong will be an understatement ,he was more than strong .He was impossible to fight. I felt my heart beat decreasing. "Sister, " I whispered for her to help.

"Please ,live him I'll do as you ask. Please," I heard her say.

And the pain lifted away. I felt my heart rate become normal. And one second I was out of Brother Marcus's hand and the other I was standing beside my Sister. Seeing and enjoying the view, as the warlocks surrounding us were turned into tiny crystals of blue as my Sister took revenge. I looked across at Brother Marcus his beautiful face was covered with shock and anger.

And I smiled when he looked at me. Just then I felt that same pain return, the only difference was that it was more intense than the last time.

"Sister !" I shouted , but it came out as a whisper.

Then I felt my fall but everything around me was blank. Darkness. The pain was impossibly strong I was fighting not to die. My breath caught in my throat when I heard him say, "There are more than you can fight, before your brother dies."

"Alright, I shall help you but on one condition that you will not harm my Brothers and me in any way,"

My heart was going to stop soon if this pain did not stop.


"I agree, " said Marcus.

Zuchra new for sure that Marcus was never a man of his words, so she said ,"Vow to your magic,"

Marcus gave a sigh and yelled at her ,frustrated ,"You are wasting my time, I don't need to vow to anything!"

She turned head to see were her little brother was fallen limp and her heart was breaking , she can't help him. He was so young and charming. Her heart was sinking ,she was a shame if she can't save her brother today. She felt the pain he was in because of the bond they shared but she was more powerful so she was able to survive it . Then out of the agony and fear came another emotion and that was anger, anger for Marcus, and with that anger she turned to face him and snapped "Then you will never be able to fullfill your needs ,so go on kill him and kill me and you will never ever get what you want. Never."

Marcus saw the anger in her and knew better than adding fuel to fire. He knew if Zuchra got angry she can destroy all his warlocks as she was Joseph' s daughter. Not someone he should pick a fight with - at least not now when he needed her help. He needed the book , for that he needed the portal and only Zuchra can create a portal. Sometimes you need to be friends with the enemy to get what you want. So he said in a calm voice ,that is usually reserved for a child "Now, now. Calm down Zuchra. I vow to my magic that I shall never bring harm to you and your brothers."

"Release him or he will die ,"she said looking at her brother's blackening hair. The magic was slowly and agonizingly living his body. But she could feel him trying to get a grip of it and feel the pain he was in. She was trying to help him through the bond and she was succeeding in doing so. But she thought that he was brave to try fighting with Marcus's magic. Although she knew it was her magic that was helping him stay alive.

"Alright then, show me how your Father created the portal." Marcus said releasing Worner.

A smile crept on Zuchra's face as she felt Worner's heart beat and said "Indeed, I shall aid you by making the portal."

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