Chapter 5

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"So this is your dad's, uh?" Jack asked, checking Kate's gun.

"Yeh, he gave it to me when he was going, said I might need it. So I kept it and also because it's the only thing left of my dad." Kate explained.

"I still can't believe he didn't have the whites! And what happened when you shot him... shit!" I said, keeping my eyes on road. The image has not left my mind, it was awful! Something just turning into nothing, merely with a gunshot.

It has been almost half an hour since I was driving and we were discussing of what has happened. I was more concentrated on the drive, Diana didn't bat an eyelid. I was thinking what had happened in the forest to scare her that much. What if that thing I saw with Jack had done something? What if she saw something even more horrible than that? What if -

"Watch out!"that was Kate and thank goodness, he did just in time when I was about to hit someone walking on the street.

"Lee! Stop the car at once!" Jack shouted.

"Don't Jackie! We are just about to reach, and I think it's better you guys shut up the talking. I am getting distracted!" I replied coldly, although it was a lie, but was a little too pleased by his attitude towards me earlier in the forest. He was actually being nutty. I do understand that he had a break up, but surely didn't give him the right to yell at me!

"Whatever. And don't you call me that again, understand? " Jack said in a more friendly way that I have now forgotten of, so I didn't care to give an answer.

"Lee, can you drive faster?" Kate asked after a long uneasy silence. I nodded and started to drive a little faster.

I wasn't driving fast. As we know Diana is safe now so, no need for the speed. Oh, whom am I lying? I was nervous about seeing her. And let me tell you I am the last person to be nervous with girls. So it was really irritating me. And to see Rose like that in backseat, was seriously not helping.

Soon we came to our destination. 

"We are here." I said, killing the engine.

After few minutes we were standing outside Elizabeth's door.

"Don't you think it's too late? I mean she must be asleep or out?" I asked Kate, as he was about to knock.

"I am pretty sure she is in," he said, frowning. Then added "I guess she is dre- I mean sleeping. "

"So let's go back."

"No." Kate said looking at Diana, and then knocked the door.

The door opened, after a couple of minutes. And by know Kate looked really mad at Elle.

"Kate! You scared the hell out of me. Can't you just ha-" she stopped abruptly when she saw us all. And just for a second our gaze locked before she turned to Kate, with a frown on her face. I have to say, even frowning, she looked pretty.

"I thought you were worried about Diana, so I got her here." Kate said through gritted teeth. Elle opened her mouth to say something. Jack said before she could say a word.

"I guess... we can talk inside. "

"Oh, uh... Come in." She said and plastered a smile on her face.

"I'm going home, Night guys" Kate said glaring daggers at Elle.

"Kate-" I opened my mouth then shut it, when Kate walked past me upstairs - to where I suppose his droom was.

"He is like that sometimes," Elle sighed and gestured us to enter. And we did.

Last time I didn't get to enter the apartment. It was not very big, but due to the decor it looked... well, magnificent.

The room was painted all white. Elizabeth herself wore a white night dress, her jet black hair fell down her waist in curls. Her black and white beauty disappeared into another room with Diana by her side. But before I could walk in the door was closed swiftly. Followed by a sweet voice.

"It's a girl thing,"

I heard the sweetest thing on earth when I said 'girls' under my breath and heard the girl on the other side giggle.

"Eeew..." Jack shrieked. I turned to look at a messed up Jack with a black monster licking his cheek.

   ~ 2 hours later ~

"Diana is sleeping. I am guessing something is wrong with her, she behaves like she has seen a ghost!" Elle sounded distressed.

"Maybe, she did," Jack  mumbled, nervously stroking the kitten - who Elizabeth calls Macy.

"What!?" Elizabeth snapped her neck from were she was looking at a portrait of a young woman - I am guessing to be her mother by the similarities.

"Well, I don't know what she saw, but we did see a ghost." I said, placing my cellphone on the side table. Elle's eyes went as wide as saucer.

" Eh... Diana said something about you being a ....umm..."

"Enchanter?" she provided.

"Yeah, something like that... "

"I know where you are taking this... " she nodded, her lips pressed in a thin line.


"I will help you, but first you need to tell me what are you." she said, looking at me intently.

"Sorry I didn't follow," I frowned.

"Neither do I," Jack's curious voice followed mine.

"Okay, give me your hand," I did as told.

As our hands touched, I felt sparks. It was a warm and welcoming feeling and only intensified as each second passed.

Suddenly,  it ended. I felt angry and sad at the same time. Why did it end, maybe if I was given a few more moments I could really find out what it was.

"L-Lee" Jack's whisper snapped me out of my train of thoughts. I looked down at my hand which was no longer held by Elizabeth's delicate ones.

"Lee," there was urgency in Jack's voice. I looked  up, to come face to face with a very horrified Jack, but his wide eyes were focused on the girl standing right in front of me. I turned to see what  it was that made his cool expression fade away.

What I saw made me freez in my place. The very beautiful gray eyes of Elizabeth were now as black as cole and not just the iris but the whole eye.

Like the guy in the woods. But the weird part was that unlike his, her's just turned me on.

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