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The Morningstar's 1 in The Bringer Light Trilogy by Haley_Denise_0611
The Morningstar's Haley Mae
A PROPHECY was foretold that LUCIFER will bare ONE child, a GIRL. A girl born from the FIRES of HELL and given LIFE by the LIGHT of HEAVEN. A girl ANGELIC and DEMONIC bo...
  • adventure
  • fantasy
  • nephilium
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The Theory About Us by payalshahh
The Theory About Usby Payal Shah
Chloe Winslet. A normal teen with a hidden past. She's normal as a human can be but connected with the truth about angels. When she meets Erick O'Connor she is thrown in...
  • fighting
  • otherworldly
  • nephilium
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Night Flame by XBrokenxMelodyX
Night Flameby Savanna
“Have you ever heard stories of monsters at night? Or the Boogeyman? Scary creatures that you think aren’t real?” Shakily, I nodded my head, thinking of the eyes I alway...
  • war
  • fight
  • ryan
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Of Nephilium and Sneezes by Satans_Niece
Of Nephilium and Sneezesby Satans_Niece
Nona's in trouble, with demons on her tail and the seven archangels tracking her across the centuries. She's lost contact with her only ally, and figures out a solution...
  • nephilium
  • angels
  • seraphim
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Visions of Beginning by XBrokenxMelodyX
Visions of Beginningby Savanna
Something she never told Noel was the fact that she could see into the future. It wasn't something that Riley liked to talk about. Almost every night, Riley had dreams o...
  • girl
  • short
  • night
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Shadowed Light by navaradesen
Shadowed Lightby Navara Desen
Earth soon became inhabited by angels however it wasn't long till they left again. Demanding answers, humanity hunted the angels to their home in the sky. It was abandon...
  • wattys2017
  • featured
  • fantasy
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Immortal Spirit, Mortal Body by Snowball097
Immortal Spirit, Mortal Bodyby UNKNOWN
Fallen angels. They're cast out of heaven to live an eternity on earth or get sent to hell. Nephilium. Half fallen angel, half human. As the off spring of Fallen Angels...
  • forbiddenlove
  • battle
  • fallenangels
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Destined: The Enemy Within by NikkiKStory18
Destined: The Enemy Withinby NikkiKStory18
"What are you?" He asked as he pushed me against the wall harder. "I don't know what your talking about." I said. Adrenaline rushed through me as I s...
  • secrets
  • angel
  • hate
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sons by Gabriel-Snape
sonsby Gabriel
two boys that are twins race to find thier father dean winchester after thir mom was killed by an angel
  • nephilium
  • lucifer
  • supernatural
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Memory in the End by SaRcAsTiCxBxTcH
Memory in the Endby Creative Name Here
When the kingdom becomes overrun by her father's closest advisor, it is up to Princess Arrabella to go on a quest to search for the Magnificent Five. The Magnificent Fi...
  • princess
  • fantasy
  • queen
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The Black Book{Very Slow Updates} by PrincessCalla
The Black Book{Very Slow Updates}by Princess Calla
When 18 year old Leenaldo Cruz finds his sister and best friend missing , he is ready to give everything and anything to get them back. But what if in the struggle to f...
  • magic
  • vampire
  • angel
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Savior by Cjs001
Saviorby Cjs001
Slowly, as time passes on Earth, things are starting to corrupt. Humans are filled with so many emotions that they only leave a path of destruction. Each day passes, h...
  • action
  • demons
  • savior
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Bakkura by MadInsidiousSheepGrl
Bakkuraby Jorja Henry
Manabe Yukihiro's only, and best friend has just died. Devestated and desperate, she realises at her friends funeral something isnt quite right. It seems as though Satsu...
  • cemetary
  • field
  • murder
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This apple has fallen far from her tree ( The power of evil, a desirable mate?) by CLoneHeart
This apple has fallen far from CLoneHeart
Sonya Ahren (Sunny angel) was shocked when her godmothers said she was in danger from her fathers followers. Could they really use Sunny to bring back her 'supposedly' d...
  • sunny
  • vampire
  • castle
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