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Chapter 2

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Leonardo Cruz's POV

" You are crazy!"

" No, I didn't know that she still hasn't overcome it. I thought - dammit. She said she has overcome that stupid phobia. I swear she did. " I said pacing back and forth in my room.

We have just returned. And called Rose. Her mobile number.  Her telephone number. No answer. She ran from the café without a word. I can't understand where she must be. James got me crazy he always does, but this time I tried to control. He tried to punch me and I did nothing. Again he punched me, and my friends expect me to act civilised! And now here I am going crazy because one of my friends is missing and another can't get over that breakup! I don't understand why to fall in love when you know you're gonna gain nothing but pain. And this girl! I don't know where to look for her. Where if not her home?  Where-? I stopped walking and started at the empty wall of my room as an answer came to my mind.

"Sarah, " I said out loud.

"She might be with her,"

I heard Jack release a sigh. And I didn't have to look at his face, to understand that even her name hurt him.

"Look, it was the only thing I could think of so I said it, I never liked her much, but I'll call to check out if Rose is with her,"  I said, and looked at him from the corner of my eye and added, "And also to spear you of the pain."

"Rose won't be with her, I know that. " Jack side.

"Oh, did you dream of her telling you that she will not be with Sarah?  But I don't think you slept after she left. So let me know that how on earth are you so sure that she is not there? " I almost shouted at him. Here I was worried about Rose and he was being impossible! I looked at him when he didn't answer me for long. He looked awful. Come on!

" Get over her man! She is not that good to die for. " I said.

" She is at Tasha's." He replied with an edge to his voice. I raised an eyebrow.

"And how are you supposed to know that?"

This time he almost yell his answer to me, "Lee all the while when you were busy moving your ass around the room, I was messaging everyone I knew and supposed Rose to go to. But I didn't get what I wanted. I don't know where the hell she is! "

"Oh," I sighted, how stupid of me. I fisted my hand and punched the wall behind me, wincing at the impact. Jack straightened himself from the dresser were he was leaning. And said, "Lee, we will have to inform her mom, she might be able to help us."

"Yeh, we need to find her before dusk, she might get herself in danger. "

"I see her mom, then we search the park, library and - the forest. " He said with a finality to his voice. No arguments would be welcomed. So I didn't. The search was better than facing her mother.  But again he said that we might need to search the forest. It was very unsafe and the mere thought that Diana might be there sent chills to my spine.

Jack opened the door and slammed it shut after giving me one last look. He knew exactly what I was worried about because his face was hopeful that she shouldn't be there becoming the meal for something.

But the thing that was making me more anxious was that there were unnatural things going on in there.

My head was spinning with all the danger Diana could be in and all because of me.

As I made my way to the bathroom I realised that the pain was not merely from the thoughts but also from the fight. I had got my arm cut deeply, it was covered in bandage which has now turned dark red. So I opened and threw it in the bin. A little examination of the wound was enough for me to know that it was healing fast. I never knew why, but I always heal fast. Well, not like the vampires kind of fast. But faster than normal human. The doctor had said that my wound will heal in a few days. But now when I am seeing it, I am pretty sure it would heal by tomorrow or so. Caring less of the wound, I took off my dirty shirt and shut the door.

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