Chapter 4

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Lee's POV

The darkness was unsettling. The sun has set, living me with a moonless night. Jack and I had brought with us a torch. But it was with Jack, as we didn't plan to separate in the forest we didn't care for two different torches. Thanks to my cell phone which had an assistive light.

I have put Diana in the car and locked it after making sure that her injuries weren't something really serious. They were just scratches from sharp woods and nothing more. When I left her she was unconscious, but I am sure she will be conscious by now. So I was seriously getting out of time and Jack was nowhere. But I don't think I could go without him. No way. But Diana would go crazy if she knew she was locked in a car. So my idea was to go to the car and ask her to stay calm. I tried my best to remember the way back. The last time I took almost an hour to get back. So this time I had made sure to remember my way. But after few twists and turns, I lost my way again. But that's not what made stop in the middle of nowhere. It was the two human figures in front of me.

"Jack?" I asked to no one in particular, throwing the light on their faces. And my mouth went dry. One man had his back turned and another who was facing me was.... black. As back as Diana's hair. Jet black. But the thing that made me freeze were his eyes and hair. You can dye your hair blue, but eyes? Those eyes didn't have their whites, they were just tunnels. I guess the man said something but it was shortly cut by a very familiar voice.

"Lee," I heard Jack say, as the other man, who was my dear friend, turned to look at me. But my eyes stayed at the guy behind him. There was a feeling in my gut like I should end that guy right now. But I didn't want to kill a stranger for no reason. And still a part of me knew this guy was danger.

Go, do it before he kills your friend.

I heard that voice in my head that I always hear when I am in danger. Real danger.

Just as I saw the man reach for Jack I ran towards him and pulled Jack away in a second and when I was about to give my opponent a good time, I heard a gun shot. It was sharp and clear. As I saw the ma- no, the thing turn into blue crystals. I still had my phone in hand and I tried to look for the source of the gun shot. Then I saw him.

"Hey buddies, forgot to mention the trip to me?" He said, sarcastically.

"Kate!" Jack and I said in unison.

"Not expecting me? I guessed you guys needed help." He said.

"What on earth are you doing here and what happened to that guy?" Jack asked nodding towards were the thing was few seconds before.

I joined Jack's inquisition. "Was that some kinda science experiment or what?"

After few seconds Kate spoke looking at me. "Well, I don't think this was a good place to play basketball, you know. Let's get out of here."

I glared at him. Then remembered of Diana and said "Let's get to the car."

"And Diana?" Jack asked. I opened my mouth to speak, but Kate took away the words.

"She is locked up in that car of yours. Come, we are not far from it." He turned and started walking in the same direction I came from. I and Jack exchanged glances, Jack just shrugged and started following Kate. I did just the same.

 We reached the car in few minutes.

"Wow, Kate you are a real genius! " I exclaimed as the car came to life.

"Thanks,"  Kate said and I could hear his smile. Kate was unique.  He didn't really talk, but was a good heart. He was kind of a book worm and was super intelligent.  But we never really praised him for that or any other thing. So this might be a first. I readjusted the mirror to see Diana. She was dead silent since we have arrived. I wanted to ask if she was alright, but why ask a question whose answer you already know?

"Rose, you wanna go home or to Elle's?" Kate asked. Diana kept staring blankly ahead.

"Let's go to Elle's," Kate said after a long silence.

"Thanks for the detailed information." I said sarcastically.

"Oh, you don't know Diana's only cousin, she was the one who told me that you said her that you were going to the forest."

Jack chuckled.

"I guess I know her." I said keeping my voice neutral.

Well, I was actually glad to hear that we were going to her place. I didn't really get the time to know about her the last time we met, which was just few hours ago. I wanted to let go of the girl, but it was now impossible as we were going to meet again.

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