Chapter 1

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Diana Melrose' s POV

We were all sitting in a small Caffè and laughing. As Kate has just arrived. Me, Sarah Watson, Jackson Hoover, Kate Connor and Leonardo Cruz were a kind of a group. We have been friends since high school and Sarah was Jack's girlfriend since then. I really adore them, they are made for each other kind. Lee was a different case he was a kind of flirt.  Although Jackson was famous to be everyone's crush he was settled back with Sarah. So it made Lee even more wanted because for most of the girls he was the second best date after Jack. But he dated a different girl everyday. I said him once that it was a bad boy behaviour but he just said 'Come on , Miss Melrose, it's not like they don't know the consequences of being with me,'. That's it, I know I can't deny that. It would be a lie if I said I was worried about human morality and bla bla, when actually I was jealous because I had a crush on him too. I never said that to anyone because Lee was far from 'love and all that shit', as he called it. So for the time being I was undercover and waiting for him to be matured. Yes, because if you are mature you know better than making out with random girls. 

"Come on ,what's so funny ?" Kate almost shouted, irritated by our laughter .

Kate is one of the world's most innocent people. But God knows what made Kate think that being bald would be good for a change. It really didn't suit him. He looked horrible! 

Thanks to God that there was no one from school here to see him.

"Stop it now !" snapped Sarah. We respect our friends. So we stopped, but just to see Sarah the Rescuer. And then again we started because Lee has craked another joke on Kate.

Annoyed by us, Sarah pulled her chair aside and grabbed Kate's hand making him almost fall. Then made her way towards the exit with Kate, after giving us a glare that said dare-you-laugh-again. So we didn't.

After an uncomfortable silence, I looked at Jack hoping him to go after Sarah. But insted he looked down at the small round table set in front of us.

Then after what felt like eternity he began with a quiet voice"I don't understand...."

But I lost him when I looked across the table at Lee. It felt like the whole world faded when I looked at him. He was picture perfect. Leonard Cruz ,is my teenage crush.  I never told him about my feelings then because he was just too perfect for me. Actually,  he was so hot, no one should be that hot! He had blonde hair that would change to gold in sunlight just like his beautiful amber eyes. Sometimes I call him sunshine because he is all gold. And he had beautiful lips. For a movement I let myself wonder how they would feel when kissed.

"You can't be serious !" Lee snapped.

I blushed, thinking were my wayward thoughts were going.

As I came out of my daydreams I understood that I have lost some important conversation.

So I asked them "What's the matter ?"

Lee looked at me like I have lost it. Anger was clear on his face. So I looked away from him at Jack expecting some refuge. But as my eyes met his I understood something was seriously very wrong. His emerald green eyes were blood red and his white face showed the path followed by his unstoppable tears. His eyes were still shining with tears. Then he spoke in a husky voice, "Don't expect me to repeat, it breaks my heart. "

"Miss Melrose, Sarah dumped Jack last night because she wanted to be with Simon." Lee said in a controlled voice.

He seemed really annoyed by me and was definitely controlling himself. I saw Jack's eyes shinning with unshed tears. As he said "I am just being silly,  I mean- it's not like I didn't know that one day she would get bored of me...." He trailed off, trying his best to control the tears making their way out of his eyes. Boy, he really got it hard.

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