Chapter 7

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Lee's POV

All the days after that day passed like a blur. Diana was better, still it wasn't the same girl I have known since high school. There was something different about her now... Something dark and distant. She never told me about what happened that day, but I know one thing that, whatever it was it has changed her. And the reason she had to face it was me. This made feel like shit.

Today is Lora's birthday ball and I am not at all interested in going. I just want to stay here in my room and think. Think about everything that happened. There's a weird feeling that I get each time I see Diana. No it's not just guilt it's more than that. It's something I can't put my finger on. Elle has tried to do everything for her. Nothing is working. And that scares me.
Elizabeth scares me even more. She is wired. That day she told me something crazy. I still don't believe her.


"Elizabeth?'' My voice seemed to bring her back from the trance she was in. Her iris come back to their normal size and the colour of her eyes change to their beautiful green colour. She looks lost. She blinks, like she's unable to understand the situation. Then she looks at me, her eyes fill with pure joy, like I was what she had wished for every Christmas. And that one wish of her's has been granted. And the child-like smile on her face just made it more clear. I can't help but smile back. Although I don't know her much.

" Leonardo, we need to talk," She said. "Alone." she added, looking at Jack.

"Look, that's not needed, he's my best friend, I trust him, so we can talk in front of him."

"Yeah , no use keeping secartes from me, if you're gonna tell him." Jack said, nodding.

Elizabeth looked suspesiously at Jack. Then nodded , seeing he was no danger.

"Okay," she breath and sat on a nearby chair facing us.

" Now you, Leonardo Cruz tell me, what is your father's name?"

"John Cruz,"

"And how much do you know about him?" She asked with a questioning eyebrow.

"Well all I know is that he was not interested in my mom after Lucy was born. He didn't want a girl. So he left." I replied shrugging with disgust.

"Hmm... How old where you that time?"


"Oh... So your memories of him are not clear enough to be trusted.."

"What do you mean?"

"Listen to me Leonardo and listen good." She sighed.

"Just spill the beans already,"

"You are different Leonardo, "

"Yeah, I have heard that a lot."

"No, you really are different," I rolled my eyes at her.

"You are not a human," she said looking at me intensely.

"Wait, did you just say that?" I asked bewildered.

"I said you are not a human, at least not entirely,"

"Are you craz- " I paused, " No wait, you are crazy. Yeah, that's it."

"It might seem weird that I am opening this to you in such a situation. But this is important, now that you know me. Time will explain more but for now just remember, you're special, very special. " She stated, the look in her eyes made me believe her.

Just as I was about to ask how, she turned and walked back from where she came.

"Wow, what is that supposed to mean bro?" Jack asked, his face mirrors my own confused one.

"That is a good question,"  was my reply.

"Whatever, I hope everything turns out right." He said, after rolling his eyes at me.


I sigh.

I have not met her ever since. And I don't want, either.

Time will explain more.

"Like hell, it will!" I shout at wall. As much as I don't want to think about this stupid thing, it just keeps coming back in my head!

As much as I want to forget her I can't stop dreaming of her. Her beautiful hair, her sparkling eyes, her-

"Leo! Leo! I am going out, I will be back tomorrow, Leo, brother are you there?" Lucy's innocent voice and hard knocking on my door bring be back to reality. 

"Wait a second, " I say walking towards the door.

An inpatient Lucy greets me. A smile forming on her heart shaped face. Her amber eyes stare back at me, the only thing we have in common, except mine are brighter.

"I thought you were gone," she says. Her smile is suddenly replaced by a frown. "You were going to the ball, right?"

"Yes, I am. By the way where are you heading, I might be able to drop you off ?"

"No, no. Please, I have a friend coming to pick me up. We are going on a night out at Christina's place. So I'll be back after school tomorrow." She replies eagerly with the fakest smile I ever saw on her face.

"Lucy," I warn her, narrowing my eyes.

"Oh, come on I ain't a kid! I can take care of myself!" She says, scowling.

I sigh, nodding.

"See you, " she says, moving towards the door.

I see her walk out the door, super excited. What's she up to? I mused.

My phone rings, I look at my bed where its placed.

"Hello," I greet, receiving.

"Ahhmm, hi, Leonardo." A slurry voice answers.


"I was wondering whether I should wear blue or red?" I look at the screen of my cellphone.


"Oh, anything you wish, it's your day so it should be your choice, Ma'am." I say, emphasising the last word.

"Oh, come on Cruz,  don't call me that!"

Ting tong.

Ting tong.

The door bell rang. "Well, I will meet you at the ball now, I need to be there on time, don't I?"

"I can't wait." I hung up not bothering with goodbye and shit.

Opening the door, I see- no one.

"Hello?" I ask into the empty space walking out to see there was no sign of anyone. Could be the kids, thinking I shake my head looking at the floor.

Something caught my attention.A neatly folded white paper lay near my feet as I someone left it for me there.

Weird, frowning I pick it up, opening it.

My eyes widen at the words. I knew it!



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