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Chapter 6

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3rd Person POV

"Oh no," she whispered. She was a beautiful lady.

He changed into a human and walked towards her.

"Miss, may I help? " he could hear her shallow breathing.

"What on earth are you! " she yelled.

"Easy, I am no alien." He lied. He didn't want her to know or she will have to die.

Oh, why kill a beauty when you can save it?

He thought to himself.

"Who are you? What did you do to him." she looked behind him and then back at the tall boy not more than her age with an angelic face. If she had not met him in such a situation, she would have found him pretty. But at the moment he was a dangerous stranger. She saw him kill a man, not an old, weak man but a young one. She hadn't see who it was, but had heard him scream. This boy had done nothing just put his hand on the other man's chest and the man had fallen on the ground as though he was a statue. She had tried to run from him, the fastest she could, but her leg got stuck in something. Now that she had freed it, she was thinking of ways to run off.


"No I didn't kill anyone. You didn't see anything." He said adding a little compulsion to his voice so she would believe him a forget what had just happened. She frowned and then nodded.

"Are you lost? May I help you? " he asked after a while.

"That would be great."

As he was about to give her a hand, he saw the portal open.

"Ahhh!" The girl shouted. And his attention was back to her. She had her hand on her heart.

"Stop! " he shouted at the creature that has come out of the portal.

The girl's eyes widened and she was about to fall. But he held her in his arms, looking at her beautiful innocent face.

"Master has asked for it," the creature said in a high pitched voice.

"I have got it, just not this one."

He put the girl on the muddy ground. And disappeared to were he has left the boy. He shall take her home when he has finished with his job.

"Master wanted two." The creature said after taking what he wanted.

"He can have it tomorrow." He told, impatiently.

"Okay." And it created a portal through which it disappeared.

When he returned to the place he had left the girl, she was gone.

Hmm... we'll meet soon, milady.


     ~~~~Few Days Later~~~~

Now he stood outside the bungalow . The music could be heard from a mile, god they were so noisy. He thought he would be able to smell her out ....but this place stinks of ....alcohol, sweat and...magic. One cannot hide their magic, unless they abundan it, which was risky, as a warlock without magic is a like a human without oxygen. But who was it? No one can come through the portal, it was guarded by magic and it was impossible for anyone to cross it without his permission. Oh let's find out who you are.

"And now it begins, my friends!" He said with a smirk, as he entered the bungalow.


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