Chapter 3

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Elizabeth was trying to sleep but each time she closed her eyes she saw him. The boy who had come at her door. He had a beautiful voice and eyes and hair and - well he was a personification of beauty.

She had just seen him today, talked to him for less than five minutes. And she was going crazy about him.

She knew it was wrong.  She should be worried about her cousin. But she wasn't. She was sure that guy would save her. Something made her believe in him.

She wanted to know him more but that was not possible. She can't go out of her home because there were warlocks who wanted her dead.

They have already taken many people as their slaves. They would take away people and sell their souls to the demons in exchange for the dark energies of hell. They were twisted creatures and very powerful. But she can't just sit back and wait for her mate to save the world. She had to do something and for that she had a plan. Not a good one but it'll have to do. She needed to sleep now and plot everything tomorrow. But this guy was making it impossible. Leonardo, the bold lion, what a name! She thought smiling. She loves that name.

She closed her eyes to enter the world of dreams.

So what if he's going to come in my dreams, at least it is going to keep my nightmares away.


Thanks for reading :)
I wanted a suggestion,  should I write as first person or third person?
I mean which one is better to read?

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