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I looked to my left and right before I finally crossed the street. The burning sunlight of the afternoon touched my skin as I walked through the busy streets of Bangkok. I saw people chattering inside a café and I gulped as my dry throat screamed for water. As much as I want to buy a drink for myself, my money is limited and besides, I can drink when I get home.

I closed my left eye as I tried to walk along the sidewalk. With my CV in hand, I looked everywhere to find the building that I have to go to and have my first job interview.

It took almost half an hour to locate the large building that screams money and power - I composed my self before going inside. With a trembling heart, I walked through the hallway of the building and immediately went to the reception desk.

"Hi, good afternoon! I'm here for a job interview." I started and the woman in her late 20's smiled at me.

"Good afternoon sir. May I know what department are you having an interview with?"

"Uhm, I will be having an interview with the creative department. I was referred by Miss Jiraporn." I nervously smiled and the woman in front of me smiled before she typed something on her computer.

"Here's your building pass sir. Please use that for the lift. Kindly go to your right and go to 18th floor for your interview. The HR officer will be waiting for you at the lobby."

I nodded and pinched my fingers to control my nerves before taking the building pass as I went on my way for the lift.

My stupid heart won't stop from pounding as the lift went up of the building and when the ding sound covered the whole elevator, I know that I am already in the right floor. With all the courage I have in me, I went out of the lift and immediately found a glass door that leads to the lobby.

I sat there and waited for someone to approach me and I was not wrong when a woman with glasses came to me and cheerfully welcomed me.

"Welcome to MJS Group. I'm Nook, I will be the one who will interview you for the job. This way so we can start." she professionally said and walked towards another glass door that lead us inside a conference room. "Please take a seat." she smiled as she pointed at the chair adjacent to her.

I quietly sat there as she asked for my CV. I gave it to her and she compared it with the one that I sent to them before she faced me.

"So tell me about yourself." she directly asked without leaving my eyes.

I swallowed the lump in my throat as I mustered all my courage before speaking. I didn't know a job interview will be this nerve wrecking!

"I'm Gulf Kanawut, twenty one years old - I studied at Chulalongkorn University and I took Bachelor of Science in Architectural Design. I had my license just recently when the results came out last month. I was also the president of the University student government and the chairman of the United Architects of Thailand Student Auxiliary. " I pinched my finger as I took a deep breath once I was done talking.

"Impressive. You're young for an architect." Miss Nook said and I gave her a timid smile. "Did you study early?"

"No Ma'am. I was accelerated for two years when I was in primary school."

She raised her eyebrow before slowly nodding at me.

"That explains why. Then can I ask about your strength and weaknesses?"

I nodded and smiled at her to hide my nervousness.

"I'm a person who can work in a team but I can also work alone. I am a fast learner and I can do anything if I will just put my mind into it. For my weakness... I can say that I tend to over analyze things but it's also my way to look at situations from a different angle and find a different solution if there is none."

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