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FEUD: MewGulf by sadhappysoul
FEUD: MewGulfby sadhappysoul
Mew and Gulf meet when they are both rock bottom in life and they become each other's pillar of strength. However, dangerous circumstances await to bring down the pillar...
1438 | MewGulf ✔ by call_me_avi
1438 | MewGulf ✔by Avi
Even married couple have arguments and fights. Mew and Gulf are not an exception! |Short story| The story is a boyxboy story meaning this is a same sex relationship so i...
Blessed Moon by Kheinnox
Blessed Moonby Kheinnox
A story of legend, fate and love. Mew Suppasit, a true blood alpha, honed as the next Alpha of the Riverwolf Pack. CEO of multiple companies, stern, stoic and cold to t...
arrogant Mafia and baby Boss by sweetkitten17
arrogant Mafia and baby Bossby sweet kitten
this story revolves around two individuals...who are very different from each other one who believe in kindness and other who believe in tic for tac.... two different pe...
MAJESTY & THUG by SL800811
A simple hug is enough to realize how much we love eachother
Love hurts  by kuchbhechalga
Love hurts by I love you
Mew and gulf after a long time relationship got married but people change with time and so did mew , will there be a repair of there relationship or will two lover be s...
Smile (Complete) by hazel_crescent
Smile (Complete)by Anya
"This Type is kind of a weirdo. He looks about twenty years old, but behaves like a twelve-year-old." "He's not a weirdo. He's not okay..."
the bully by JillHigdon
the bullyby Jill Higdon
at the young age of 14, gulf rituo had it all. a great group of friends, a happy confident life with no to little worry. then one day to a club that was designed for his...
Because I Love You [Completed] by TheQueenDila
Because I Love You [Completed]by Khun Heart
Gulf and Bright is in an arrange marriage and Gulf has one sided love on Bright. One day when Bright introduce his lover, Gulf was devistated and what will happen to him...
it was all started with wrong send of message, until they become close, run out something beyond just a text messaging mate, and discover each other's field, let's see h...
always wrong by kana-kina
always wrongby Kanna-chan
Menjadi istri kedua Mew suppasit bukan lah keinginan Gulf kanawut. Gulf hanya ingin kebebasan. Tapi apa yang bisa dilakukannya jika semua orang selalu menganggapnya sala...
Exchange to Love  by whenmariawrite
Exchange to Love by Tixna
If your life had EXCHANGE for your father's company wealth what would you gonna do..... Type Phawatthakul is the only child of there family , after his mom died he got...
Happy Ending by MLNatan
Happy Endingby MLNatan
Bright chuckled softly. "I'm Odie. The stupid dog. Garfield's true friend. I like it actually." "But you're not stupid." Gulf stated. "For you...
One Night With My Boss (MewGulf AU) by Sun_Flower_Waanjai
One Night With My Boss (MewGulf AU)by Rain
COMPLETED Gulf Kanawut hates his boss from the bottom of his heart!! Mew Suppasit is mean, heartless, cruel, insensitive... a true sadist! And only to Gulf, by the way...
Betrayal Marriage (Ongoing) by palakbhati998
Betrayal Marriage (Ongoing)by palakbhati998
Mew and gulf both rich sons of the richest family of Thailand. Mew-A Playboy, bisexual,changes girls/boys like clothes, Thinks love is waste of time. Gulf-An innocent ch...
LOVING MY TWIN SISTER'S HUSBAND (Completed) by shekanawutsuppasit
LOVING MY TWIN SISTER'S HUSBAND ( shekanawutsuppasit
"sweety please love and take care of my husband when I'm gone" "hon, called me selfish but I don't want to seeing you in another man or woman. so I w...
Meeting You Again.....♥️ by eurystelle27
Meeting You Again.....♥️by eurystelle27
This is an Mpreg story..... TayNew with their son Gulf. SingtoKrist with their son Saint. OffGun with their son Win. The story of love, family, friendship and heartbreak...
Caged Slave (MewGulf AU) by Sun_Flower_Waanjai
Caged Slave (MewGulf AU)by Rain
COMPLETED Gulf Kanawut is a devoted secretary, performing above and beyond the call of duty. Way beyond the call of duty. Yes, Gulf has fallen into that time-honored tra...
My Stepbrothers [Gulf x Everyone] by gupiloverr
My Stepbrothers [Gulf x Everyone]by gupiloverr
Gulf is spoiled baby of Suppasit family. His step brothers would give anything to him...... except a boyfriend.
Memories 💕 A MewGulf Story by baobeimea
Memories 💕 A MewGulf Storyby baobeimea
Gulf Kanawut is a snobby, cold and powerful CEO. He is uncaring, unapologetic, and unproblematic. He used to be easy-going, energetic and a happy-go-lucky kid. They said...