Chapter 1 - Ground breaking

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"So what's the point of this?"

"To prove that different dimensions exist, Wrench please," Jim passes you a wrench as you tighten the last bolt.

"And which universe will you be going to?" He mocks.

"The MCU... and mock all you want, this will work," he rolls his eyes and let's out a sigh.

"You've been around this for years now, before you even knew me!" Your laugh was cut off with the lab door opening to reveal Sherlock and John. "Oh for gods sake..." Jim grumbles.

"Seriously, Y/n? You still hang out with that psycho?!"

"Oh how my heart shatters, Johnny boy," you smack Jim on the head which humoured Sherlock.

"Never mind the idiot, you guys will witness history!" John sits down on a chair far from Moriarty as Sherlock stands beside him. "Now..." you flip switches and press buttons, typing codes into a computer. Finally you pull a lever and the machine buzzed to life.

"Is it working?" John leans forward in his seat. A bright blue light blinds you all and creates a portal in the cylindrical frame.

"Oh my Heimdall..." everyone moves forward to the light, as you let out a shocked sigh.

"It- it worked!" Jim jumped off his seat in delight. "I did it!" Everyone stares at him with questioning looks. "What? I passed the wrench..." Sherlock scoffs and walks to your side.

"What now?" You gulp and walk towards the portal. "Y/n, wait!"

"Well, we need to know if it popped up in the marvel universe!"

"It could be unstable..." John warned as he moved you away.

"Oh come on, unstable? When have I made anything unstable?"

"Turn it off!" You scream at Sherlock from behind the flipped table, using a broom he pressed the red button and the contraption shut down. "Oh thank god-" a sudden explosion made you duck back down as Sherlock stood there with an ash covered face and Smokey hair. Carefully you put out the fire on the end sherlocks curls. "Hehe... sorry..."


"Come on, Jim! This will get you anything you need without having to stand up," Jim groans as you pull a lever and the electricity goes out.

"Y/n!" Moriarty angrily shouts. Lights flicker back on then explode without warning one by one. Jim pushes you out the way when your machine started to smoke.

"It's fine-" a sudden blast of green light startled you both. "Ok it's not fine..."


"Ok ok I get it! But look it's fine!" You poke at the portal gently. "Perfectly safe," you kept poking at the tingly light as Sherlock warned you to stop. "Oh come on-" almost on cue the blue light started to rumble.  "Oh no-" a gush if wind drags you into the portal. "BOYS!"

"Y/n!" They shout in unison. Against their will the blue light pulls them towards it as it continues to smoke and jitter.

"This is where I die-" Sherlock grumbles as the force pulls harder on him. All four of you get transported into the new dimension, rainbow lights flashing like the bifrost. The machine shuts off, everything going back to normal, just as a janitor walks in whistling the tunes blasting through his headphones.

"Hello?" He takes off one headphone ear and listens out for any noise. Shrugging at the silence he starts to mop the floor happily.




"Jim!" The boys all stare at Moriarty who shrugs. "Felt left out-" the light ends into a dimly lit room. Flying through the portal they crash into you, who had just gotten up off the ground.

"Ow!" They scramble off each other and glare as you wander around cautiously. "Guys-"

"Hands up," a familiar sound of charging blasters fill the room, you spin around as the boys pull out their guns. "Weapons down," more people enter the room with weapons.

"Oh my god- it worked... IT WORKED!" You scream and punch the air, running around in joy.

"Hey hey! Who are you?" You turn to the familiar patriotic man with a grin.

"I'm going to cry!" You fall to the ground on your knees as everyone stares.

"Y/n... get up," you shake your head at Sherlock.

"I'm sorry, but leave me be, I just invented fiction travel!" Tears of joy fall down your face as Jim carefully hands you a handkerchief, not moving the gun away from the avengers.

"Fiction travel? Like time travel but to different dimensions of fiction?" Bruce carefully pops up from behind Thor.

"Yes! YES!" You wipe away tears. "Oh god, I haven't introduced myself, I'm Y/n L/n," they stare at your outstretched hand. "Oh for gods sake, can you guys put down your guns?" Jim whines as John and Sherlock carefully do as told. "Now, like I said, I'm Y/n, this is Sherlock Holmes, John Watson and Jim Moriarty," Hawkeye bursts into laughter.

"As in Sherlock Holmes from the books?" You stare bewildered.

"Books?" Sherlock asks evidently confused.

"Yeah, Sherlock Holmes and his trusty partner John Watson,"

"I'm surprised you can read, Clinton," Natasha smirks.

"Shut up, Nat," He grumbles and pulls his bow string back further.

"Ok, we seriously have no idea what you're talking about-" Bruce interjects by bravely stepping forward.

"She may be right, in their universe the Holmes books may not exist," you give a thankful nod at Bruce who went back behind his God buddy.

"Alright, say that you are from another universe (hey, self promo here; go check out Another universe: Loki x reader it's a good book ;) ) why should we believe you? How can you prove it?" An idea pops into your head.

"Sherlock give me your phone," he shakes his head.

"Use your phone," walking over to him he stands up straight and looks away from you, you knew he hated people using his phone especially you.

"Mines dead, now give it to me," he shakes his head and glares. "Sherlock you twat," you knock him on the head and snatch the phone from his pocket.

"You don't know the password," you smirk and stick a needle like piece in the charger hole, the phone unlocks and Sherlock scowls. "Damn you," you smirk and go to the search browser. "Do you even have network connection?"

"Mr Holmes, you underestimate me," you quickly hack into the stark tower wifi and continue to search online.

"Did she- did you just hack into my wifi?" Stark looks shocked as he mutters curses at Bruce on plans to upgrade.


Hello babes! So this is my first crossover fic, and the image above is one of many marvel reaction pics I will be posting per chapter ;)

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Hello babes! So this is my first crossover fic, and the image above is one of many marvel reaction pics I will be posting per chapter ;)

- Anna ❤️

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