"What's depression like?" He asked.

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“What’s depression like?” he asked.

It’s like drowning. Except you can see everyone around you breathing.

It’s that what doesn’t kill you, makes you wish it did.

It makes you wonder what the fuck you did wrong to suffer this.

It forces you to fake a smile every day.

It forces you to lie to everyone around you, promising them you’re fine.

It forces you to build walls around you and let nobody in.

It makes you sad. Everything makes you sad.

It causes you not to trust anyone anymore.

It hurts you so bad you can’t breathe anymore.

It makes you believe all the bad things people say about you.

It makes you feel worthless.

It makes you feel like nothing.

It makes you numb.

It makes you feel like a failure.

It makes you push even your best friends away.

It makes you feel like something is trying to kill you on the inside.

It never succeeds.

It makes you wish things you shouldn’t be wishing.

It fucks you up.

It makes you fuck yourself up.

It breaks you down.

It makes you want to be alone.

It makes it impossible for you to sleep.

It makes you feel like you’re the only person in the world.

It makes you feel like nobody cares about you.

It makes you regret everything you ever did.

It makes you write things like this.

It makes you listen to sad songs.

It makes me who I am.

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