Amour Sans Fin

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Endless Love

He was nervous, there was no point of denying

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He was nervous, there was no point of denying. But everything was doing perfect, everything seems to go on plan and all he have to do as he stand at the end of the aisles near the altar was to wait for your arrival. 


Donato called him, as he can see him slightly in panic

"Everything is fine"

He assured the groom as they wait for the bride who was currently just outside the closed door.

Donato reassurance was enough to somehow ease him out, the only sound made on the room was the instrumental of Beautiful in White. It was picked by you, saying how beautiful the song is, he doesn't complain, he might not admit it but he will do everything to make you happy.

Then there goes the sound of the door creaking as they open for the bride. It was like an angel has come to the scene, you look so pretty in your wedding dress. It was enough to leave him speechless, just like the first time he saw you. 

Before he knew it, memories came crushing back into him.

Believe it or not, he met you before you even met him.


He was carelessly wandering around the campus, he knew he might receive a few scold here and there from Chapelle sensei for skipping some classes. But he can think about it later. Before he knew it, someone bump into him.



A (Hair color) haired girl apologize without even looking at him and before he can even insult her for being so clumsy on the hallway, she already left the scene as she headed to one of the classroom ahead.


What the hell,

he thought as he irked.


It was none of his business, so he just shrug it off. Giving one last glare to where the (hair color) haired direction, he step forward. Only to get tripped.


"What the hell!"

He growl, looking back to see what tripped him.


It was a book,

He picked it up, still pissed off. Then he realize it was one of the books the girl was carrying earlier. She mist have dropped it.


"Patisserie: Mastering the Fundamentals of French Pastry."

He read the title out loud.

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