Ça Fait Mal

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It hurts

It hurts

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You stare at your fellow classmate that is now crying, but all you ever did was to chuckle. She seems cute after all.

"Hinako, I know you feel lonely, but please stop crying. We have to see them off with a smile"

Donato Gotodo, one of the graduating batch of class 80th, one which was in the same class of your boyfriend stated, looking at Inui who was still crying after the graduation ceremony.


She sob, making you warp your arms around your pink haired boyfriend

"I can't believe he's going straight to France after graduation. I wan't told, and he's leaving (Nick name) all alone behind"

She sob, making you chuckle on her last statement, you can feel Shinomiya's hand messing with your hair.

That only made you want to squish him more.

"Yeah I was surprised, too. Well it seems like (Nick name) is fine with it, besides, you're serious"

You can feel Fuyumi glance over you and your lovers figure.

You pull away from your embrace to him, letting him walk past you for a moment facing yours and his friends all over your years in Totsuki. You smile as you watch his back, You always wish him the best after all, who are you to stop that?


You heard him reply,

"My cooking won't be perfected until I hone it to where French cuisine was born. I'll train in France, set up my own restaurant, and win the Pluspol Award"

You heard him said, making you held your chins up as you can't wait to see your lover succeed on his dreams.

How about you? What would you do after graduation?

"The Pluspol Award, If you pull it off, You'll be the first Japanese person to succeed. I bet you can"

Donato stated as you once again stand beside your lover.

"But senpai! You won't make any friends because you're so unfriendly! You'll definitely get into fight with the staff since (Nick name) won't be with you for the mean time, too --"

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