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Coffee Break

You thanked the waitress as she place your order on the table,

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You thanked the waitress as she place your order on the table,

You two end up going on the nearest cafe. As you put down your coffee after taking a sip of it, you decided to break the awkward silence.

"I uhm, I appreciate you helping me picking up my groceries.. But I don't appreciate you going on the scene suddenly pulling me away from my friend. Shinomiya"

You said, looking at him directly in the eyes,

"Ah yeah, My bad"

"You doesn't sound sorry"

"Maybe I'm not"

He smirk at you.

"Well that's my childhood friend we are talking about"

He choked on his drinks,

Making you panic and going over his side.

"Cough it out"

You said, rubbing his back

Eventually he manage to be okay,

"Yo. You mean that childhood friend"

He stuttered as he recover, making you nod, staying on his side for a moment.

Then your eyes darted on his pierced ear.

"You still have that"

You trail off, referring to his earring,

The one you gave into him, years ago.

"Yeah, I thought I should use it again."

He said before taking a sip of his drink once again.

"(First name)?"

He said as he look at the window, making you follow his glaze.

A few streets ahead was the Eiffel Tower,


You said looking at him when you didn't see anything interesting.

Suddenly he was looking at you behind his glasses.

Amber eyes meeting your (Eye color) ones.

"I miss you, dimwit"

You smile at his words.

"I'm sorry"

Seriously he should stop apologizing.

Oh well, You guess the only way for him to forgive himself was you taking him back.

Besides, you miss him too.

You smile at him sweetly,

"It's okay, Kojiro"

He swear his heart skipped a beat at that.

"You just forgot who you are"

You stated, touching his cheeks in a loving way.

"Welcome back, Kojiro"

Might as well forgive him,

and take him back.

"I miss you too"

You cried, putting him into a hug,

"I love you"

You heard him mumble against your ear, hugging you closer.

"I fucking love you"

He repeated.

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