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Shut Up

You knew how nasty he can be

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You knew how nasty he can be.

But this is going to far, and you are starting to get pissed off.

You knew that she was no match for Shinomiya, the out come was very clear as you all judge besides your sister vote for the girl. But you still acknowledge her dish, there was something light about it you just want to acknowledge about her dish it was like your early days on the kitchen, careless yet trying to acknowledge what her customer is, and you knew it there was someone who could stand up against this guy. That would be you, and you knew you have to protect this two students, she was your sister dorm mates as far as you can remember.

"Well, no need to be so down about it. It was inevitable. Anyways, I have an early start tomorrow, so excuse me. Have a good night"

He stated, back starting to face you as he walk away.

You felt your blood starts to boil, if it isn't for Dojima putting another coin on the students plate.

"I believe the outcome has been decided. What is the meaning of this?"

"Oh well, I simply want to acknowledge this dish and cast my vote."

"You're not even one of the judge. What are you trying to pull? And what do you mean, you're acknowledging that dish? I don't get it, Dojima-san"

You irked at his statement, but stop as you heard Dojima-senpai's word,

"Shinomiya, You're stagnating right now, aren't you?"


You gasp,

So this is what this is all about.

You suddenly look shock.

"You must have realize it yourself. Now that you've earned the Pluspol award, you have lost sight of what your path to moving forward. You're at a standstill at the pinnacle, and don't know where to go. For us stagnation is akin to regression. The reason you didn't cook your specialty in this match is because you don't want us to find out that your cooking has hit a wall, not because it was your ex favorite"

"Shut up!"

Fuck that hurts.

"What would you know about any of this?! You're a hired chef for the Totsuki Group, You know nothing!"

You stand up and went close to the two, grabbing Tadoroko's dish.

"Shut up!"

You shove it into your ex.

"Just shut up and try this"

You said looking at him in the eyes as he seems to be taken a but of you butting in.

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