En Un Clin D'oeil

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In a blink of an eye

You sigh, leaning against the table and looking at the plane window

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You sigh, leaning against the table and looking at the plane window. It reminds you that one time you went to France after your graduation, you blink as memories comes crashing back into you, as much as you want to toss it all away, it's too late, everything is coming back into you.

As you wander around the street of Paris, France. You can't help but to smile, knowing that you can finally see your lover after one year of being apart, knowing his been busy due to his training, you never get on his way, but you never failed to to talk to him when he has a time, nor did he ever make you feel that you're on his way, he always inform you what he was doing, and same goes to you.

"(Nick name)"

That made you turn around, you knew that voice.


You smiled,

"I made it"

You smiled once again, if not even brighter than ever.

It has been a while since he last saw you, yet that smile, that gentle sweet smile never failed to make his heart flatter. You've always been his treasure.

"I'm glad"

He smiled, then pull you on a tight embrace.

"I love you"

Too bad that was the last time you heard him say that so heart warming.

Six years had gone so fast, Shinomiya finally opened his own restaurant, while you on the other hand kept on traveling the whole world while your main cafe was set on Paris, in fact your cafe spot has the perfect view from the famous Eiffel Tower, at the same time as you travel around the world, leaving your main cafe in the hands of your underlings, opening up a pop up cafe whenever you have a time as you travel, it was a fun thing to do, traveling the world and earning money at the same time. As you travel on a different country you decided to pay a visit to your loved one.Its been a while since you have settle down on a single country, besides, Kojiro hasn't been replying to your text or notes lately, and its been bugging you if something happened to him.

As you set a foot on the restaurant, the first thing you notice is the lack of costumer and the gloominess of the place. But you knew it was just the opening, and perhaps you are the first person to be the costumer of the day, but that still doesn't explain the gloominess of the place.

"What happened here?"

You asked the waitress as soon as you ordered your food, which is the usual like your every other visit.

"Ah well..."

She refuses to meet your glaze for a moment, as she was about to speak, you heard a clinging noise coming from the kitchen.

You exchange look with Gao Wei, you rose from your feet, you shoot her a look. And you enter the kitchen, only to see Shinomiya kicking some kitchen staff out. You felt alarm,


You said, rushing past him, heading towards out side where his former you assume employees are.

"What are you doing--?!"

You stop mid-sentence, as his eyes bored on your with nothing but selfishness,

You knew at that point.

He will only listen to himself.


"Kojiro, what happened?"

You ask softly, leaving the two staff behind as you suddenly reach for him

Yet all he ever did was to answer, and look at you dead in the eyes filled with nothing but rage.

"I don't need halfwits in my kitchen"

He stated, hands going on his hips.

"Get out of my sight"

He stated, still looking at you in the eyes.

"What... what are you talking about?"

You stuttered, suddenly feeling frightened at the look he was giving you making you step back.

"Get out of my sight. Including you"

You knew you should have reach out for him or something, but you are too startled at his statement, making you just look on his back as he shut his door out of your reach. It seems funny how you end up being so blue in one swift motion, later that night you end up staying alone in another hotel instead of Shinomiya ones, you tried to reach out to him after you reach your own apartment, trying to call him, but never once did he answer.

What are you two then?

Did you break up?

What now?

You end up doing some research, and find out what happened while your gone, what happened between him and his employees, how his dreams seems to went out of reach, but there's nothing you could do that night, other than crying, thinking how would things end up if you just arrived a little earlier, or at least a day earlier. You could have been there with him, facing together his problems.

One of the worst is that after that, he never talked to you. Every time you visited the restaurant, never once did they accept you, and it was killing you from the inside. So you end up doing what's left for you to do, you leave France. And travel the rest of the world.


"(Last name)-san?"

You blink, looking at the flight attendant,

"Are you okay?"

Are you?

In a few days you're about to meet him again.

Will you be okay?

"I am, just caught up in jet lag"

You smiled.

What hurts is the we never really said goodbye. We just kind of ended.

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